We Collide

(Vassago, The Enochian Apocalypse)

Finally after waiting for two years, I have on my hands MESH brand new release titled "We Collide". It was back in 2003 when I heard their latest album "Who Watches Over Me?" kinda disappointed not because it was a bad release but I was expecting something more from Mesh, a step to the next level. Being one of the leading bands of the Synth-pop scene with numerous songs that have been loved from fans, Mesh, with this new release sets the bar high and proves that all the other synth-pop bands out there needs so much more in order to succeed or to reach their caliber.
"We Collide" is by far the best and most completed Mesh album and even if I do not rate an album I will force myself and give 9 out of 10. There is no starting or ending point in this review, Mesh successfully targeted what was missing from the scene the last 2 years and returned to resurrect us and prove that Synth-pop is their business and they are doing business very well. Never ending vocals mixed up with fantastic synth melodies, electric guitars in two different roles (aggressive and melodic), fast drum and basses giving you the best result one can possibly imagine, in a completed and successful album that has it all. Each and every single track of the cd is unique but if I had to point out the top 3 those would be Collide, Open up the ground and Step by step. There is a live show in Greece that takes place in May and Mesh are headlining. I wasn’t very positive in attending the show but after listening Collide I’ll be definitely there. Make sure you do the same.