Fragmente 2

(Laure Cornaire, Premonition)

Following the "Fragmente" compilation in 1998, Mesh now releases "Fragmente 2", a second record completing the first one with remixes, b-sides and other rarities. This double CD is obviously intended for the fans, but it also recaps the band's production from the beginning to their previous album "The Point At Which It Falls Apart". Therefore, it's a good occasion to discover the electro pop music of these worthy Depeche Mode's heirs who have been haunting the electro goth's scene for ten years and are a real success in Germany where they are in the top charts. Beyond the singles remixed by the band itself (You Didn't Want Me, Trust You, Scares Me, People Like Me), you will find some gems on this compilation, originally b-sides like Safe With Me or This Without You. These less known tracks justify the release of such a compilation and make of "Fragmente 2" an addition to worthy albums. However, the band's followers who already got all the singles, will only have four remixes (out of 24 tracks) to discover.