Exclusive interview with Julia Beyer

mesh fans have had to wait for more than three years for the new album "A Perfect Solution". But its release is not that far off now. Apart from the new single "Only Better", our waiting time was sweetened by a second song that enthused most of us, and that is "Who Says?" already pre-released on the compilation CD "Septic VIII". What makes this song so special? It is a duet, that is indeed, really special for mesh. What a lot of fans want to know now, who actually is this Julia Beyer?

In an interview with her, we shed a bit light on this question.

How and where did you and mesh meet?

Julia: I remember seeing the band live in 1998 in Dusseldorf for the first time. We then personally met in 2001 at the Pluswelt Festival in Krefeld because we both performed there and I was there with my former band Technoir. After that we have always kept in touch and over the years a long-lived friendship developed.

How did the duet on "Who Says?" with Mark come to be?

Julia: It all happened very fast and straightforward. Some weeks ago, Rich contacted me out of the blue and asked if we couldn't talk on the phone briefly. So I called him and he told me about the idea of a duet for their next album. They would be happy if I felt like singing the song with Mark. As a fan, I was immediately thrilled and agreed at once, of course.

How was the collaboration? Did you fly to Bristol to do the vocals or did you do it via the internet?

Julia: We all did it via the internet. First of all, I got the song and the lyrics. I then went to Krischan of Rotersand the same evening, because he lives close to me and got a studio, and recorded the vocals. Mark and Rich said that I could record some more voices if I like, so I recorded some secondary vocals. I uploaded the data and sent them to both and the result is, I guess, well-known. ;-)

You are a singer in a band. Would you like to tell us something about it?

Julia: I've been singing with the band Chandeen for two years now. The band had started in 1992 with Antje Schulz of In Strict Confidence. Chandeen were regarded as sort of the prime fathers of the heavenly voices genre for a long time. Therefore, I'm extremely happy to be part of the band. At the moment, we are working on our second album together, the first album "Teenage Poetry" with me as the singer was released last year. Before that, I was singer of the electro pop band Technoir for ten years. We released two albums and occasionally I was active with The Eternal Afflict and Inside for a short time.

You have also collaborated with other bands. Which bands and which experiences did you enjoy the most?

Julia: So far I did some guest vocals for In Strict Confidence, Rotersand, Melotron, Endanger amongst others. Actually, I had a great time and it's always exciting to collaborate with other musicians. But I have to admit that it was always a dream of mine to sing for mesh one day so therefore this collaboration for me its definitely the number one!

Betty, mesh Fanclub

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