How Long?

(Claus Wöhrle, mesh Fanclub)

So the time has finally come! Mesh released the second single from their latest album 'A Perfect Solution'. The choice fell on 'How Long?', one of their strongest songs on the album that not only fits on the radio but also in the clubs.
So this 5-track maxi CD begins with a 4-minute version of the title track in a radio version. The band shortened the longer album version perfectly. After this the extended version follows. That's right, you read it correctly! What was common practice in the 80s and what fans of electronic music have been missing for many years, can now be found on the single: a classic extended version! Kudos for that!
But mesh wouldn't be mesh if they didn't include an exclusive b-side to a single. 'Save Everyone' is the title of the brand new track that the boys from Bristol wrote and recorded exclusively for this single. For some fans, the album was a bit too guitar intensive, but 'Save Everyone' is a strong electronic song having what it takes (what mesh are known for) to become a B-side classics.
The song 'Hold And Restrain' was originally on a 7" single enclosed with the limited edition of the album 'A Perfect Solution'. Now a slightly alternative version is released on this CD. The difference is barely noticeable so that there is no reason to buy a record-player to enjoy this song anymore.
Last but not least, there is the club version of 'How Long?'. So when this version doesn't fill the dance floors...