We Collide

(Jeremy, Virus!)

Finally, after too many years without a full-length album (in my opinion), Mesh returns with some excellent new material!
Iíll admit that Iím a long-time fan of Mesh. Regardless, I will remain objective. "We Collide" is easily the most mainstream-accessible recording Mesh has put out. Gone are the darker synths and orchestrations of older Mesh material. The lyrics are also a bit more tame than usual. Is this a bad thing? Thatís for you to decide.
Personally, I like "We Collide" quite a bit. The music is exceptional, the vocals are outstanding, and I can still relate to the lyrics. These are the things I look for in music.
While being the most mainstream offering by Mesh, "We Collide" is still much better than the latest offerings from 'bigger' bands that I MIGHT compare them to (but will refrain from doing). Mesh has done something with "We Collide" that many others wish they could; remain immediately recognizable to long-time fans while becoming more accessible to a wider audience.
I donít think Mesh has 'sold-out' with "We Collide"; theyíve just refused to become stagnant. Growth is good when it isnít forced. As far as the songs go, my personal favorites are "What Are You Scared of?", "No Place Like Home", "Room With A View", and "Can You Mend Hearts?".
An excellent release that wonít disappoint!