We Collide

(TekNoir, Gothtronic)

Mesh needed more than a year before they turned up with 'We Collide'. In that time they have achieved in finding a new label with Koenigskinder Schallplatten, and also a new producer in the person of Gareth Jones. Known from Depeche Mode and Moby. 'We Collide' is a strong album. There are again some real gems present as highlight.
'What Are You Scared Of?' already is a good song, and 'Step By Step' with the enthousiastic chorus even has potential to become a hit. And I havenít even mentioned the single 'Crash' or 'Can You Mend Hearts?' yet. Of the quieter songs 'No Place Like Home' is a really beautiful song.
Also note the massive sound that Mesh utilises that perfectly, and see how they don't ignore the use of guitars. Listen for instance how they have done that in 'Step By Step' or 'This Is What You Wanted'. Also 'Petrified' delivers with the right amount of melancholy and energy packaged in a state-of-the-art sound. The electronic sounds are surprising at moments as well, although it always typically sounds like Mesh. But when it is done as good as on 'We Collide' I donít regret that. Even the lesser songs like 'Room With A View' are still better than average.
Mesh actually has the potential to reach out of the electro scene and become very succesful in an indie setting. This potential is already there for years but has musicwise never been as close as obvious as with this album. Hopefully it will work someday for Mesh.
This record is as good as 'Who Watches Over Me' as far as Iím concerned.