Everything as always - only better

The early 90s, those were the days when bands like De/Vision, Elegant Machinery, Beborn Beton, Psyche or And One, just to name a few, underwent a real boom. And magazines like New Life dedicated themselves almost exclusively to the synthie pop that was so popular at that time. Nowadays, a rather harsh sound can be heard on most dance floors of the dark clubs. However, there's one band from the genre, which had just started then, still able to surround itself with a still growing fan community, even in times of exchangeable clones of Hocico and Combichrist. Clearly this refers to mesh alias Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn from Bristol who pull a new single "Only Better" out of their hat. An appetizer for their new album "A Perfect Solution" which is ready to be released in October. Rich tells us more about it.

Psyche's singer Darrin Huss recently commented dryly about the news of mesh's change to Dependent Records on Facebook that mesh has now changed their labels almost as often as he has. Konigskinder and Major Records, their two last labels, even only produced one release each. "Nobody likes working with us", Rich jokes. "No, basically we didn't sign a record deal with Major Records. After Konigskinder decided to call it a day Hayo Lewerentz (Major Records boss) stepped in and offered to release our live DVD for us that we were putting together at the time. We met Hayo on tour as he was representing X-Perience who were on tour with us. He also now acts as our manager. When it came to our new album 'A Perfect Solution' we decided to write it without a label and then nearer completion look around and find a label with the right attitude, experience and skills to promote it, that's where Stefan Herwig comes in. We have known Stefan for years and his work with other bands and what he does in this scene. Hayo put us in touch with him and we had a few meetings and we liked what we heard. As a band we have heard all the promises and bulls**t that record companies offer you but speaking with Stefan he seemed down to earth and genuinely enthusiastic about our new material."

When you have got so much good material, the choice of the single can be quite difficult. So therefore the band handed this over trustfully to external hands, as Rich tells us. "We sent all the songs to record company and management and left it to them to decide on the single, the funny thing was everyday they came back with different tracks which they thought was good enough for a single. This for us was quite a compliment as they thought they were all good enough. 'Only Better' kept coming up so that was the final choice."

Especially in times in which a lot of labels refrain from releasing a single or EP for financial reasons, you have to come up with something particular. Rich reveals details about the track list: "The single will contain mixes by Olaf Wollschlager (radio and club mix), Geoff Pinckney (our live keyboard player) has done a club mix under his Alien6 guise. There will also be a mix of 'Everything I Made' from the album by Kloq and a B-side called 'Shattered Glass'. So quite a package!". mesh are especially known for their B-sides. So tracks like e.g. "From This Height" or "The Purest People" have truly grown to real audience favourites during concerts – a true mesh phenomenon. Even Rich is really puzzled as he admits: "We just don't understand why this happens. Perhaps it is a state of mind when you write these tracks. I’m sure we have a slightly care-free attitude when we write them as we know they are going to be B-side and they seem to become club hits and live classics, weird!" Speaking of live classics: Among them are certainly "From This Height" and definitely "Confined" because the band gives them a different dynamic at concerts by playing reworked and longer versions. Rich looks back a little wistfully: "When we go out live we always reprogram or play the songs in a different way to make them interesting. I remember going to see bands when I was growing up and being totally knocked out by the songs that were different to the album versions that I was so used to and that's what made those shows so memorable. That is why we try to make them different." Different and – better.

Julia Beyer, Zillo