22.12.2006 - Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best wishes,
Claus & Betty

20.12.2006 - Christmas competition: the winners

Thank you for your active participation on this year's Christmas competition. Obviously the crossword was too easy, because we received only right solutions ;)
From all entries, we've drawn the following winners:

Claudia Hampe (We Collide - Limited Edition CD+DVD)
Martina Korn (We Collide - Limited Edition CD+DVD)
David Brami (We Collide - Greek Edition)
Dario Gallardo (We Collide - Greek Edition)
Artemi Uteshev (We Collide - Promotional Poster)
Tina Plank (We Collide - Promotional Poster)
Nicole Menke (My Hands Are Tied / Petrified - Promotional Single)
Thomas Hölbing (My Hands Are Tied / Petrified (Promotional Single)
Stella Bustorf (Thermostatic - Private Machine - Maxi-CD)
Stefan K. Sonnenberg (Thermostatic - Private Machine - Maxi-CD)

Congratulations! We will dispatch the prizes as soon as possible, so that you'll hopefully receive them until Christmas.

18.12.2006 - Final track listing of the "elektrisch! 2" compilation

The final track listing of the elektrisch! 2 compilation being released on 26 January 2007 is now fixed. The limited double CD will contain the following tracks:

CD 1:
01. alphaville - to germany with love (sebastian r. komor extended remix) *
02. camouflage - we are lovers (!distain remix) *
03. client - zerox machine (mechanical cabaret extended remix) *
04. deine lakaien - where you are (memphis remix)**
05. x-perience - return to paradise (the promise remix) *
06. erasure - all this time still falling out of love (shanghai surprize radio edit) **

07. mechanical cabaret - disbehave (mesh asbo remix) *
08. goldfrapp - ooh la la (when andy bell met the manhattan clique mix) **
09. iamx - spit it out (alexander kowalski remix)

10. mesh - step by step (mechanical cabaret extended remix) *
11. assemblage 23 - you haven´t earned it (the loge remix) *
12. unheilig - ich will alles (elektronik club mix) *
13. boytronic - little italian feeling (days of fate remix) *
14. purwien feat. witt - alle fehler (client remix) *

CD 2 (limited 1st edition):
01. [:sitd:] - suffering in solitute (empathy mix) *
02. code 64 - guardian (bariuz remix) *
03. psyche - angel lies sleeping 2007 (extended neuropa remix) *
04. iris - it generates (darker days remix) **
05. lowe - the vanishing (steve wasabi remix) *
06. celluloide - who is the angel (dekad remix) *
07. scarlet soho - modern radio (menichal servants remix) *
08. x-divide - i don´t care (trance club mix) *
09. obscenity trial - here and now (syrian remix) *
10. technoir - manifesto (beborn beton club edit) *
11. neuropa - blitz (celluloide remix) *
12. eden - electric (obscenity trail remix) *
13. nono - geisha (original version) *
14. motus - leave (original version) *

 * exclusive remix
** rare remix

You can pre-order elektrisch! 2, first-edition as a limited double CD, for the price of 14.99 Euro at (only until Christmas for this price) exclusively (the first 300 customers will get a signed compilation by Alphaville, mesh, Client, Mechanical Cabaret amongst others). So you better be quick!

03.12.2006 - Christmas competition

Today it’s the first Advent and time to start a big Christmas competition. You will find it on the fan club homepage in the INTERACTIVE – SPECIALS section. It’s a crossword which might be solved quite easily with the help of the fan club homepage. We reeled in numerous cool prizes and hope, of course, for an active participation. So with a little bit of luck you might get another rare item for your collection in time for Christmas. We wish you GOOD LUCK!!!

27.11.2006 - Official mesh newsletter November 2006

Hi All,

First of all let us appologise if you have received this mail more than once. We are switching over a few things here and we have had a few issues today. Should be OK from this point onwards.

Just a quick update of what's going on here.

The "We Collide" Part II Tour is just about to kick off, so things are a little hectic here preparing for that but we are all excited and looking forward to getting out there and doing what we like most.

We recently locked ourselves away at "Barking Dog" rehearsal studios in Bristol and ran through the songs with our drummer Gary Howe and Geoff Pinckney, who is our new guy on the keyboards. After several long days and evenings we have put together what we consider a great set for the tour. People who saw us on the first part of the tour will remember the energy that Gary injected into the live performance; well I think we have now taken it to another new level with Geoff. Geoff who was the main man behind "The Nine" has great keyboard and vocal talents and has added something extra to the new show.

So when and where is this all happening?

We have added some more dates for next year (2007) as well as the currently announced dates.

The full list is -
01.12.2006 - Russia - St Petersburg (Red Club)
02.12.2006 - Russia - Moscow (Tochka)
03.12.2006 - Russia - Jekateringburg (Vodoley)
05.12.2006 - Germany - Essen (Weststadhalle)
06.12.2006 - Germany - Heidelberg (Halle 02)
07.12.2006 - Germany - Erfurt (Stadtgarten)
08.12.2006 - Germany - Rostock (Mau Club)
09.12.2006 - Germany - Braunschweig (Meier Music Halle)
19.01.2007 - Netherlands - Amsterdam (P60)
20.01.2007 - Spain - Barcelona (Sal Apolo)
21.01.2007 - Spain - Madrid (Caracol)
22.01.2007 - Germany - Stuttgart (Rohre)
23.01.2007 - Germany - Berlin (Colombia club)
24.01.2007 - Germany - Aschaffenburg (Colos-Saal)
25.01.2007 - Germany - Hamburg (Grunspan)
26.01.2007 - Germany - Dresden (Strasse E)
27.01.2007 - Germany - Krefeld (KultureFabrik)
28.01.2007 - Germany - Hannover (Capitol)

Other News.

We have been hard at work in the studio doing a few Re-mixes for people, some of which are now available.

Apoptygma Berserk- Mourn (mesh mix)

This was released as part of the new "Cambodia" single out this week.

The track was completely re-programmed by me (Rich) and Mark sang all the backing and harmony vocals, whilst Stephan Groth re-recorded all his main vocals again to the new arrangement. The end result was a brand new version of this classic Apop track.

Iris- Lands of fire (mesh pyrotechnic mix)

As part of a remix album set for release in the New Year, we have done a club version of this highly addictive Iris track.

Mechanical Cabaret-Disbehave (mesh ASBOmix)

We have also remixed our good friends and support act on the first part of the "We Collide" tour Mechanical Cabaret. This was a remix exchange; in return they have re-worked "Step by step" for us. Both tracks will appear on the new "Elektrisch" album available 26th January 07.

Ok, that's it for now.

Thanks again for all the emails and comments from all our fans and friends on MySpace and through our official website and fan site. We hope to see you all soon at the forthcoming shows - we are greatly looking forward to it.

Best wishes

Rich and Mark


27th November 2006

Mesh: http://www.mesh.co.uk
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/meshwecollide

25.11.2006 - Information about "elektrisch! 2" compilation

On the elektrisch! 2 compilation being released on 26 January 2007 mesh will be represented twice, namely with the tracks

mesh - Step By Step (Mechanical Cabaret Extended Remix) and
Mechanical Cabaret - Disbehave (mesh Asbo Remix).

You can listen to the promo edit versions of both titles exclusively on the elektrisch! MySpace site immediately.

Furthermore, the new compilation can be pre-ordered right away exclusively at ! Dispatch will then follow immediately before the tour begins (22 January 2007).

Further information (as things stand now!) can be found on the official elektrisch! site or on the MySpace site of elektrisch!.

15.11.2006 - Conetik on tour with mesh in December

After Iris had already been settled on as the supporting band for mesh long ago, Conetik are also now confirmed. The Norwegian electro-pop duo has just released their album Kube Musik and from December 5th to the 9th, they will supply the audience with a half an hour of entertaining music, before Iris and finally mesh take the stage.

10.11.2006 - elektrisch! festival Dresden

The venue for the elektrisch! festival in Dresden has moved from the "Alten Schlachthof" to the "Strasse E". Tickets keep their validity with price as well as time of admission and the start of the show remain unchanged. Have a good time!

30.10.2006 - elektrisch! compilation & festival-tour

The story of the elektrisch! compilation by MAJOR RECORDS and RE-FLEXION continues. After the release of volume one in March this year, elektrisch! 2 is finished and will be for sale on 26 January 2007. Again there will be many top-class bands, like mesh, Camouflage, Client, IAmX, X-Perience, Purwien feat. Witt, Mechanical Cabaret, Boytronic and many more. For further information, please visit the official homepage of elektrisch-compilation.

To top it off, there will also be an elektrisch! festival tour across Germany from 21 until 28 January 2007. The line-up will be:

Purwien (Ex-SECOND DECAY-singer)
Mechanical Cabaret

These are the bands which will appear on the latest elektrisch! 2 compilation without exception. As it is their 10th anniversary on German stages, mesh will be the top band of that festival and they will do a special set!

29.10.2006 - www.depechemode.de presents a competition for mesh-tickets!

As from tomorrow (Monday), www.depechemode.de are holding a competition for 3 sets of 2 tickets for the mesh shows in December. Everybody can take part by just answering the question in the "Electro-News" correctly.

26.10.2006 - Geoff Pinckney joins mesh for Tour Part II

We are pleased to announce that keyboard player and singer Geoff Pinckney of Alien 6 and The Nine will be joining mesh for the We Collide Tour Part II and hopefully all future touring commitments. We are very pleased about this and hope everyone will make him feel welcome - he's a great guy and a long time friend of the band from when we first started out.

He joins Gary Howe on Drums to complete great team and bring you what we hope will prove to be our best shows to date.

We are currently in the process of planning the show and rehearsals will be starting in a weeks time. Geoff will be coming across to Bristol and we will be setting up at the new Barking Dog Studios for a couple of days to get everything worked out. We are also working on new video backdrops and lighting.

We should have more tour information soon about shows in January.


11.10.2006 - mesh remixes

Mark and Rich have been continuously working on various remixes for a couple of weeks that will be released soon.

First, they did a remix of the song Disbehave by Mechanical Cabaret. You can listen to the result on the forthcoming compilation elektrisch! 2 that will be released in January. For those who can't wait that long, however, we can give away that the MySpace page of elektrisch! has already got the mesh asbo promo edit of the song.

Furthermore, the work on a remix of Lands Of Fire by Iris has recently been finished. Now mesh are busy with reworking the track Mourn for Apoptygma Berzerk.

21.09.2006 - Fanclub newsletter September 2006

Hallo dear mesh fans,

last week, some bad news made the rounds. Neil left mesh for personal reasons. A lot of fans were not only surprised, but partly shocked and the question was raised, might this be the end of the band?

To clarify the previous question and shed some light on it, Mark and Rich agreed to give an exclusive interview at short notice. It is now located in the PRESS – ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS section. But to reassure you beforehand: mesh will not disband and carry on!

Mark and Rich will visit Germany in December for a couple of concerts amongst others. Future performances in Russia will be soon under way, and are already partly confirmed. The latest status of the concerts can be found in the LIVE section. Tickets for the tour are already in advance sale and can be bought at the general booking agencies or ordered at POPONAUT or EPOPSHOP directly.

We also have some more good news. This week, the single My Hands Are Tied has been played in power rotation at Radio Schleswig Holstein, the largest radio station in Northern Germany, due to popular demand. That means about 25 to 30 track plays per week. This station can also be received by stream on the internet, so why don’t you give it a try?

On the fanclub homepage, there are also some slight changes. Betty was working hard on some translations so that the additional interviews, both in German and English are available now. Simply click on the appropriate flag in the PRESS – ARTICLES AND INTERVIEWS section.
Furthermore, the second part of the new discography is online. The section PROMOS and REMIXES AND COMPILATIONS was revised and now contains even more information than before. We are already working on the third and last part. So stay tuned!
And last but not least, some further press photos which were taken for the We Collide promotion are online now. Please find them in the PRESS – PRESS PHOTOS.

The questions for the band we received in August have subsequently been answered. Unfortunately, due to the latest events, there was not enough time to integrate them into the homepage. But we will make it up with the next update in October. We will also have an interesting special for you at which we are currently working very hard on.

Finally, we have a little request for all of you: Please got to the forum and have a look at FANCLUB - NEWS TO THE FANCLUB & FORUM. There, you will find a little fan activity for Neil's farewell. It would be great if as many fans as possible would take part.

Best wishes,

14.09.2006 - Neil has left mesh

It is with some sadness that we announce that Neil has left Mesh. After 15 years he has decided to pursue other interests outside of music and both myself and Rich wish him the very best of success with all that he does from this point onward. The split is amicable and we of course remain friends.

Neil has asked us to pass on this message to all of you:

"I'm very proud of what the three of us have achieved in the past 15 years. We've sold more records and played around the World in a way I don't believe any of us imagined was possible when we started. More importantly I've met many fantastic people, made some great friends and had some of the best adventures in my life thanks to mesh. There are a lot of people and a great many things I shall miss by leaving but 15 years is a long time and for me the time has come to move on and I need to give some headspace to other things in life.

I know how passionate Rich and Mark are about music and mesh. And how important all the fans we've made are to them. I know too that there are plenty more great songs to come. So I’m really pleased that they are going to continue. I realise my leaving will cause them a few headaches and I appreciate their respecting my decision and that we can sort everything out as friends of 15 years.

I've always been touched by and hugely appreciated all the kindness and support shown by so many people over the years. So I’d like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all our fans and the magazines, promoters, websites and other people who've helped us along the way. I’ll be contacting many people direct but as part of this ‘public’ goodbye I'd particularly like to thank: Val and Jim, Jan, Sascha and Bianka, Sebastian, Lorenz, Esbjorn and Rickard, Pete, Jessica, Michael J, Michael C, Soren, Steve M. and of course.…Rich and Mark. Thank you all and good luck for the future in whatever you choose to do and whatever dreams you follow.

Take care.


We would like to take this opportunity to stress that myself and Rich will continue with the band - it's something that we love and we feel there is so much more to achieve. It's an exciting time for us and as the main song writing partnership we feel there are a lot of songs that still need to be written.

We have known of Neil's decision for some time now and as such it does not affect our plans to tour in November/December. Of course, if you know of a keyboard player who lives in Bristol, has glasses and can talk like a robot, feel free to get in touch....

Thanks for your support as always. It's particularly appreciated at the moment.

Mark and Rich

02.09.2006 - "We Collide"-Tour (Part II) - new concert dates announced

There are new tour dates announced for the second part of the We Collide tour:

02.12.2006 - Moskau, Tochka
05.12.2006 - Essen, Weststadthalle
06.12.2006 - Heidelberg, Halle 02
07.12.2006 - Erfurt, Stadtgarten
08.12.2006 - Rostock, Mau Club
09.12.2006 - Braunschweig, Meier Music Hall

For further information please visit the LIVE section.

18.08.2006 - "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified" enters the MediaControl Charts

The new single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified entered the MediaControl Charts at number 95 in the first week.

09.08.2006 - Fanclub newsletter August 2006

Hallo dear mesh fans,

Since last Friday the new single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified is on the market. This is reason enough for some new updates on the fanclub homepage.

The most striking change is certainly the complete new discography. It now contains more information than before and is more clearly arranged as well. Not only do you find the release dates of each publication now, but also the various formats. The discography is not yet complete, but I am working hard on it so that I can add the missing information as quickly as possible. In addition, several new things are already in the works that will go online with the next update. The extension of the discography is not finished yet. :)

For a long time, the INTERACTIVE section was empty. But now you have got the ability to ask mesh a question with immediate feedback. So if there is something you would like to know from Mark, Rich and Neil, just go to the INTERACTIVE section and write an email to the address listed there. The questions will be forwarded to the band once a month and as soon as they send back the answers, they will be posted online. Mark, Rich and Neil are waiting for your questions to be answered. So jump at the chance and send us your question!

Furthermore, the first reviews of the new single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified are online. I could also manage to get hold of a couple of old reviews and interviews for the fanclub homepage. The extensive interview from the BLACK magazine of 2002 might be especially interesting. Mark talks about the collaboration with Mark’Oh and the techniques that mesh uses in the studio amongst other things.

To continue the expansion of the internationalization of the fanclub, all the improvements are not only available in German but also in English. That means the NEWS, DISCOGRAPHY, INTERACTIVE and IMPRINT sections are in two languages now. Just click the appropriate flag on the homepage.

As all attentive readers of the forum might already know, Leeloo left the mesh fanclub. Nevertheless, all upcoming changes and updates will continue on schedule and a lot of surprises will be in store over the next few months. So keep being curious!

Best wishes,

02.08.2006 - Official mesh newsletter August 2006

Hello from mesh HQ and greetings from a hot and sticky England!

This is just a quick reminder about our new single which is out on Friday plus a few other bits of news.

My Hands Are Tied/Petrified - released Germany Friday 4th August

Our new double A-side single has been getting great reviews and will be out on 4th August.

The big news too is that we have rotation on radio including some major National Radio Stations in Germany. We are being featured on Delta Radio, HR3, RSHRadio and Radio Saek. This includes the all important daytime rotations which is brilliant news.

RSH can be heard online at http://www.surfmusik.de/radios/radiorshm.htm

The promo single (which doesn't contain the b-side or any of the remixes) is already at number 2 in the DAC charts and the newly released remixes have entered this week at number 18. The DAC can be seen at http://www.trendcharts.de/dac.html

We're all keeping our fingers crossed....

Full tracklisting is:

01. My Hands Are Tied ( Radio Mix 3:58 )
02. Petrified ( New Edit 4:51 )
03. Document
04. Petrified ( Reasonably Priced Mix 6:52 )
05. Petrified ( Claustrophobic Dance Floor Mix 5:37 )

You can hear snippets of the tracks on www.mesh.co.uk and www.myspace.com/meshwecollide

If you're in Germany you can of course get the single from Amazon where it's currently a 'bestseller' already.


For fans in the UK and rest of the World, we will be getting stocks of the single shortly plus it should be available in many countries via iTunes.

Live on Mera Luna Main Stage - Saturday 12th August

We're this year performing on the main stage around 2pm - so come and enjoy the sun/rain/music.

In addition there will be a signing session at the SONIC SEDUCER stall at 19.30h that day and it'd be great to see people there.


Continues to grow and grow - thanks to everyone who's visited and contributed. We've updated the look and added content and it's great to get all the feedback and stories from people - The one about Beijing, Dumplings and the Crash single is a favourite...


We're keeping in touch with our friends Mechanical Cabaret (http://www.mechanicalcabaret.com) and a Mesh remix of their song 'Disbehave' is planned while they are busy working on a remix of 'Step by Step'. The tracks are intended for a forthcoming compilation and final details will be confirmed soon.


Thank you as always to everyone who came to see us at our recent shows in the UK and at the Arvika Festival Sweden. It was fantastic to see so many people and to get such a great response.

We were amazed to see some familiar faces from around the World at our Bristol Gig! Fantastic and we're totally humbled by it. Thank you.


The new t-shirts and other merchandise are still available - all in stock at the mesh shop http://www.mesh.co.uk/n/Store/default.htm and now also in Germany at http://www.poponaut.de/


Claus has been busy working on the fanclub site at www.mesh-fanclub.de and latest updates are due this week including:

A new discography
A 'questions for the band' section where it'll be possible to submit questions
More links to recent reviews and interviews

Visit the site at - www.mesh-fanclub.de


mesh are interviewed in the current edition of 'Alternative magazine '- see http://www.alternativemag.co.uk/ for more details and how to get hold of the magazine.

Many thanks to Fabienne for her support. The interview is available online from http://www.lamagicbox.net/ as follows:


plus a review of the London show:


That's all for now. Have a great summertime and we'll be in touch soon.

Take Care.

Mark, Rich and Neil

2nd August 2006

Mesh: www.mesh.co.uk
Germany: www.mesh-musik.de

25.07.2006 - "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified" in the German Alternative Charts

The single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified has now climbed up to number 2 in the German Alternative Charts.

07.07.2006 - Release of the single "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified" postponed

The single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified is postponed for two weeks and will now be released on 4 August 2006.

04.07.2006 - "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified" in the German Alternative Charts

After a brilliant entry at number 8 last week, the single My Hands Are Tied / Petrified has now climbed up to number 3 in the German Alternative Charts.

27.06.2006 - Track listing of the new single "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified"

After their success in the charts with the current album We Collide and a sensationally successful tour, mesh get going again with the next offensive! Their new single is a "double-A-side" and not only contains a new radio mix of My Hands Are Tied but also a club version of Petrified. The b-side is a cover version of Assemblage 23 and entitled Document.
The exact track listing of the CD single, which will be available in the shops as from 21 July, is the following:

01. My Hands Are Tied (Radio Edit)
02. Petrified (Edit)
03. Document
04. Petrified (Reasonably Priced Mix)
05. Petrified (Claustrophobic Dance Floor Mix)

26.06.2006 - All North Germans pay attention!

DELTA RADIO sounds different! For all those who are from Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and for all the others who can also receive and especially listen to DELTA RADIO the following information might be quite interesting: After a few airplays, the new single My Hands Are Tied is presented as a new song in the DELTA RADIO-Countdown. Please vote for the single by clicking on the following link: DELTA RADIO

25.06.2006 - Fanclub newsletter June 2006

Hallo mesh Fans,

There are a couple of things again we would like to inform you about.

First of all: mesh will release another single from their last album. My Hands Are Tied / Petrified will be a double A side single and available in all shops as from 21 July 2006. In addition to the radio edits of both tracks and two remixes the cd will also contain the first ever cover-version by the band. It’s the song Document by Assemblage 23 which might be known to the long time readers of various interviews.

After the We Collide tour, many fans asked us if it is possible to purchase mesh merchandise in Germany also without a credit card. You can now find all these tour articles, starting with t-shirts and pullovers to bottle openers and bags, available in the shop of POPONAUT. Have fun while shopping!

We are always working on our fan club homepage to make it more interesting and more informative to our readers. The ongoing June update contains improvements basically for all the non-German speaking fans. Before there was only the navigation bar in English and now it’s filled with more new content. So as today, the NEWS, INTERACTIVE and IMPRINT sections will also be available in English when clicking on the appropriate country flag on the home page. In this aspect, we would like to sincerely thank Betty for her active support!
Further interesting things are already under way. So just stay curious :)

Not only do we want communicate with you virtually but we would also like get to know you in person and have a chat in a cosy gathering. For this reason, we are planning a fan club meeting and would like to invite everybody to spend a weekend on a campground at the Loreley, where the festival of fireworks "Rhine in flames" takes place, from 16 until 17 September. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome, so feel free to discuss it with us on the forum and help us to successfully realize this first get-together. And depending on the response we could hold such meetings annually at different places.

Concerning the forum, we would like to point out the following: In the near future, the forum software has to be updated. For this reason, the forum might be offline for a couple of hours. We will inform everybody about this in due time though.

All the best!
Claus and Leeloo

23.06.2006 - New single "My Hands Are Tied / Petrified"

On 21 July 2006, the waiting will finally come to an end as the second single of the We Collide album will be released. mesh decided to go for a double A side of My Hands Are Tied and Petrified. In addition to the radio edits of both tracks mentioned before there will also be two remixes of Petrified on it which are brilliantly suitable for the dance floor. To top it, mesh will publish their first cover version ever in their history. Mark, Rich and Neil liked Document, one of the biggest hit by Assemblage 23 from the USA, that much that they needed to reinterpret it in their own typical mesh style. You will find the single of KÖNIGSKINDER/SPV in the shops as from 21 July.

07.06.2006 - mesh merchandise

During and after the We Collide tour a lot of fans asked us if it is possible to purchase some merchandise without a credit card in England. Now we can offer a solution to you!
At Poponaut, you can now find all these articles, starting from t-shirts and hoodies to key ring pendants, stickers, cd-folders, etc.
Simply click on "Merchandise" in the navigation on the left side at first, then on "Mesh" in the categories or click this link directly.

31.05.2006 - Official mesh newsletter May 2006

We're in Germany this weekend, touring the UK mid June plus we've news about the next single, new t-shirts and other stuff!


Well now we're home it's time to come back down to normality for a little while. But we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and saw us while we were on tour recently.

We had a great time and after too long locked in the studio it was fantastic to get such a great reaction from everyone.

For us everything went briliantly and we'd like to say a big thank you to our crew of Jan, Michael J, Michael C, Benny, Axl, Pete and Jessica for all their hard work. And to Mechanical Cabaret for being great guys to be on tour with. We hope they get the success they deserve.

We've posted some of our own behind the scenes photos onto the website so you can see some of the 'glamour' of being on tour. See the Images Section on www.mesh.co.uk

Again, a massive thank you to everyone who helped make it such a special tour for us.


The next single will be a double A side of My Hands Are Tied and Petrified and will be released on July 21st.

Radio promotion starts very shortly and final tracklisting will be announced very soon.


We've got 3 Festivals and a mini tour of the UK coming up as follows:

4.6.06 - Leipzig, Germany - Wave Gothic Treffen Festival -

16.6.06 - Bristol, England - Bierkeller -
http://www.bristolbierkeller.co.uk - hometown gig!
Support from Client
Tickets: Box Office 0117 926 8514 - www.flagpromotions.com

17.6.06 - Sheffield, England - The Corporation -
Support from Client and Mechanical Cabaret
Tickets: Box Office 0114 276 0262 - www.corporation.org.uk

18.6.06 - London, England - Islington Academy -
Support from Client and Mechanical Cabaret
Tickets: Box Office - 0870 771 2000 www.flagpromotions.com

15.7.06 - Varmland, Sweden - Arvika Festival -

12.8.06 - Hildesheim, Germany - Mera Luna Festival -

As always more info is available at www.mesh.co.uk


All the new merchandise seemed to be a great success so we're pleased to announce that it's available online in the mesh shop. The 2 t-shirt designs, lanyards and CD Wallets are all available now. The very popular bags and bottle openers will also be available next week.



The Official Fan Club site at www.mesh-fanclub.de continues to grow and now much more text is in English as is the registration page to join the forum. The site just gets better and better - it'd definitely worth a look.

Please support Claus and Leeloo who have set up a brilliant fan site and are working hard to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Visit the site at - http://www.mesh-fanclub.de!


We Collide has been released in Greece on Undo Records. The Greek version comes in a different digipack and features the excellent remix of Crash done by our Greek labelmates marsheaux - http://www.marsheaux.com.
It can be obtained online from Undo Records - http://www.undorecords.com -
or their distributor Klik Records - http://www.klikrecords.gr


We Collide has been released in Scandinavia through our original label partners Memento Materia. Details of how to obtain copies can be found at http://www.mementomateria.se/Merch.htm


mesh will be featured in 'Alternative' magazine. Originally London based, the magazine is now going national. A new website www.alternativemag.co.uk will be going live in a week or so, and there will be info on there regards availability, but it will be via the independent way, ie Borders, HMV, indie record stores, and alternative-natured stores throughout the UK.


Don't forget our myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/meshwecollide - meet other mesh fans, see what they're saying/listening to/wearing etc.

Best wishes as ever

Mark, Rich and Neil

19.05.2006 - mesh on the "Schattenreich Vol. 3" DVD

On the new Schattenreich Vol. 3 DVD which is available in the shops today you will also find some live and interview material from last year’s Bochum Total Festival amongst others, a short excerpt from the mesh performance and an interview with Medusa.

18.05.2006 - Fanclub newsletter May 2006

Hello to you mesh fans,

the Germany tour to the new mesh album We Collide is over for nearly three weeks now. Time for us to do an extensive update of the fanclub website.


Now you can choose, if you want to have an English or German menu on the website. Just press the button with the language you like. We hope this may help to English speaking fans for an easier navigation. The "normal" web pages are not changed in a specific language. There, the language of the contents are marked with flags.


Since the start of the fanclub two months ago we received a lot of reviews and interviews to the new releases Crash and We Collide. We could also raise some old articles. You will find these in the PRESS section.
We hope that we can set further interviews online soon. At the moment we wait for answers of our enquiries from some magazines. We set great store by getting further material in English language.

We are pleased to announce that Mark, Rich and Neil took the time for an exclusive interview to the start of the fanclub. We didn't set the main point on the album because all the magazines did that. We rather tried to get answers to other interesting questions and hope that you will find out interesting things by reading the interview. We also want to apologies for the delay in releasing this interview.


The DISCOGRAPHY is advanced by the new section SONGS. Here you can find a complete list of all released mesh songs. This is also the first step for a more detailed discography whose finalisation will take some more time.


We were at a few gigs and took some photos of the shows which you can find at LIVE - CONCERT PHOTOS. The setlists of the shows are in the CONCERT DATE ARCHIVE and as promised before the We Collide-Tour there are some GIG REVIEWS online now.

In the current issue of the magazine SYNTHETICS you will also find a gig review of the We Collide-Tour. The photos included in the article are contributed by the mesh fanclub. We will put this gig review also on the website soon, of course.

A huge THANK YOU to all the fans we met at the shows and who gave us feedback regarding the fanclub work. It was a pleasure to meet you.


mesh will play next at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig on Sunday, June 4th. The gig will begin at 22:30. Mark, Rich and Neil are headlining on the synth-pop-stage in the Kohlrabizirkus and will play a 60 minutes set. For information about further gigs please look in the LIVE section on the fanclub website.

That's enough for today. Hope you will enjoy all the new stuff on the website. If you have any question, suggestions, wishes, etc., please write an email to us.

Best wishes
Claus & Leeloo

03.05.2006 - mesh on festivals in Germany

No sooner had the successful We Collide tour just come to an end when some further mesh performances at this year’s festivals in Germany were confirmed. A gig on the Wave-Gotik-Treffen as well as on the M’Era Luna was announced today. For further information, please visit our LIVE section.

26.04.2006 - mesh confirmed for Arvika-Festival / first tour impressions online

Although the We Collide tour is in full swing in Germany another festival performance was confirmed. mesh will play on the Arvika-Festival on 15 July.
Mark, Rich and Neil will still be touring Germany until 30 April. First impressions can be found online from now on in the LIVE section. Some set lists of previous concerts and also a couple of photos are already online.

18.04.2006 - In-store gig and autograph session in Cologne cancelled

Due to illness all autograph sessions in the Cologne Saturn store were cancelled. Unfortunately, the gig and the autograph session of mesh on 25 April are also affected by this.

31.03.2006 - New album "We Collide" in the shops from today

You can purchase the new mesh album in the shops from today. The We Collide album is either available as a simple CD or as a limited edition cd that comes with a bonus DVD which contains the "Making Of", three promo video clips, live material and also demo versions of some of the new songs.

Just in time for the album release, the web page www.depechemode.de organizes a competition in collaboration with Pluswelt Promotion and Königskinder Schallplatten. You have the chance to win one of three copies of the limited edition of We Collide as well as 3x 2 tickets for a concert of your choice (also tickets for abroad possible!) of the upcoming mesh tour. For everybody who wants to take part, just got to the web page www.depechemode.de and have a look at the "Electro-News" section. Good luck to everybody!

30.03.2006 - Official mesh newsletter March 2006


Well it's been a very long time coming - and it feels like forever to us - but finally 'We Collide' is released on Friday 31st March.

All we can do now is hope... :)

So it's a slightly longer newsletter than normal this time as there's so much to tell!

First off the question we get asked the most right now:

How to buy the album

If you live in Germany then it's easy enough to get the album through stores like Saturn, Media Markt and Karstadt as well as online via Amazon and iTunes.

And of course don't forget about the GERMANY ONLY LIMITED EDITION which is only available for a short time... you get to hear demos of some of the album tracks plus see videos and behind the scenes of the making of our album.

But we've also some good news for people outside of Germany!

UK - iTunes - mesh store

The album is to be distributed in the UK through Resurrection and RSK so it should be possible to obtain copies from your usual stores.

In addition, it is available RIGHT NOW on iTunes plus as of 31st March we are delighted to say we will have it in stock at the mesh webshop - wwww.mesh.co.uk - which should hopefully finally make it easier for UK fans to get our current material!

Also we will have in stock the 'Crash' single which as well as 2 exclusive remixes includes 2 new tracks 'Soul' and 'Into This World' which are only available on the single.

Scandinanvia - Memento Materia

The album is being licensed by Memento Materia - (our friends and partners from our early releases) and will be released on 5th April.
see - www.mementomateria.se

Greece - Undo Records

The album will be released by Undo Records on 7th April.
see - www.undorecords.com (note that the site is undergoing work and may be unavailable until 1st April)

Worldwide - iTunes - Amazon

The album will be available worldwide on iTunes from 31st March apart from for Russia, Greece, USA, Japan, Scandinavia where separate deals exist and so release dates will be different and we will confirm them when we're able to.

We would mention however that www.amazon.com appears to be stocking the album.


Thank you to everyone who has played their part in making 'We Collide' happen. Aside from all the business people working on the label, promotions, touring, publishing etc there are also an awful lot of other people who have invested their time and energy in helping us for which we're eternally grateful.

A few examples where people have helped us immensely are:

NEW GERMAN AND ENGLISH WEBSITES - www.mesh.co.uk and www.mesh-musik.de

We're delighted to announce that thanks to the help of Sebastian Stolle (www.poponaut.de) from Monday 3rd April there will be a new English language website! (The new German language website is already available at www.mesh-musik.de)

Aside from the new look and content it should be easier for us to keep up to date and therefore we can keep fans better informed!

It's very new so if there are any problems please bear with us and we'll resolve them as soon as possible.


The new website also includes links to new English and German language forums for fans.


Another act of great kindness is from Claus and Leeloo who have set up a brilliant fan site full of info about mesh. It's helped us remember some of the things we've done/released!

It's mainly German language but there's a forum which includes an English language section. There's a full detailed discography plus loads of great info about releases, our history, interviews, press appearances etc. It's a fantastic resource and hopefully a good place to meet fellow fans!

The site will shortly feature an exclusive interview with us!

So we'd encourage you to go there now - www.mesh-fanclub.de!

'Crash' enters German Charts!

We're pleased to report that we entered the German Top 100 at number 88. Pretty good with only minimum radio and video airplay. So a huge thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this. Interestingly this gave us a higher chart entry that week than names such as K.T. Tunstall and Corrin Bailey Rae. Two artists with the might of the major labels behind them!

Crash Video on Amazon.de

As part of Amazon's promotion of 'We Collide', the video for 'Crash' is showing on the homepage of the Music Section - checkout http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/290380/ref=cs_nav_tab_6/302-2446616-6489613

Yahoo features mesh!

The German Yahoo site now features mesh. Yahoo are jointly presenting our tour in Germany. You can see new photos plus watch the crash video online. To see it visit http://de.launch.yahoo.com/mesh/

Mesh Remix Features on new single from Thermostatic - released 18.3.06

On 18th of March Sweden's Thermostatic released their new single PRIVATE MACHINE which includes a mesh remix. For more details visit:

UK and Greek Gigs Announced for May & June 2006!

Just to confirm:

Saturday 6th May - Athens, Greece
Friday 16th June - Bristol, UK
Saturday 17th June - Sheffield, UK
Sunday 18th June - London, UK

More details as ever on the websites.


We are reviewed on this english language site

T-Online Austria Features mesh!

As lovers of mobile communication we were flattered to be featured.


Long time fans might recall the Electrogarden Forum. Well it's back up and running and seems to be attracting quite a lot of attention so checkout ...


We've now got over 1000 friends at the site and it seems a great success. We've recently updated the audio tracks available. Take a trip to www.myspace.com/meshwecollide


On Saturday 1st April (how very apt...) Neil will nervously DJ at the Kir Club in Hamburg as part of the Release parties for We Collide. If you live in Hamburg and you don't expect to hear just electronic music then you could always pop in...

TOUR DATES - in full

Plus special guests: MECHANICAL CABARET

21.04.2006 Leipzig (D), Werk II
22.04.2006 Vienna (A), Monastery
23.04.2006 Zurich (CH), Dynamo
24.04.2006 Munich, (D), Alabamahalle
25.04.2006 Cologne (D), Live Music Hall
26.04.2006 Hamburg (D), Markthalle
27.04.2006 Frankfurt (D), Batschkapp
28.04.2006 Berlin (D), Columbia Club
29.04.2006 Szczecin (PL), Grand Cru Club
30.04.2006 Hannover (D), Musikzentrum

Headlining festival in Greece:

06.05.2006 Athens (GR), Gagarin 205 (ELFENTANZ festival)

Plus special guests: CLIENT

16.06.2006 Bristol (UK), Bierkeller
17.06.2006 Sheffield (UK), Corporation
18.06.2006 London (UK), Islington Academy

So that's all for this newsletter - we look forward to hearing what you think of the new album. We are really proud of it so hope you like it :)

Best wishes as ever

Mark, Rich and Neil

mesh 30th March 2006

Mesh: www.mesh.co.uk
Germany: www.mesh-musik.de

24.03.2006 - "We Collide" release parties

Due to the upcoming release of the new mesh album We Collide, we would like to announce the following official release parties:

24.03.2006 - Erfurt, Centrum (Depeche Mode Party, start: 23:00 h, admission: 5,00 €)
24.03.2006 - Leipzig, Darkflower (Mesh Party, start: 21:00 h, admission: 3,00 €)
24.03.2006 - NL-Utrecht, Tivoli (Depeche Mode Night, start: 22:00 h, admission: 8,00 €)
25.03.2006 - München, Millennium Club (Pop!, start: 22:00 h, admission: 8,00 €)
25.03.2006 - Bremen, Tivoli (Rabenschwarze Nacht, start: 22:00 h, admission: 4,50 €)
30.03.2006 - Altenberg-Eisenlager, Zentrum (Düstertag, start: 21:00 h, admission: 3,00 €)
31.03.2006 - Giessen, MUK (Electronic Porn No 23, start: 22:00 h, admission: 5,00 €)
01.04.2006 - Hamburg, Kir (Creatures Of The Night, start: 23:00 h, admission: 5,00 €)
04.04.2006 - Braunschweig, Jolly Joker (Mesh Party, start: 22:00 h, admission: 3,00 €)
07.04.2006 - Köln, Wartesaal (Depeche Mode Party)
08.04.2006 - Salzgitter, Forellenhof (Electric Diary, start: 21:00 h, admission: 3,80 €)
08.04.2006 - Augsburg, Kantine (Electronic Ballroom, start: 21:00 h, admission: 5,00 €)
08.04.2006 - Würzburg, Airport (Exited Celebration, start: 22:00 h)
08.04.2006 - Stuttgart, Röhre (Wave To The 80's, start: 22:00 h, admission: 5,00 €)
08.04.2006 - Berlin, Insel (Königin Der Nacht)

22.03.2006 - Neil as DJ in Hamburg

In the course of the We Collide release party there will be no better guest of honour than Neil who will also be djing for a while in the Hamburger Kir on 1 April. Doors will be opened in Hamburg-Altona at 11 pm. For further information, please visit the following page: www.kir-hamburg.de

20.03.2006 - In-Store gigs and autograph sessions at Saturn

In the course of their We Collide-Tour, mesh will have a short performance and signing session at following Saturn branches:

25.04.2006 Köln, Saturn (Hansaring 97, 50670 Köln), 17 h
26.04.2006 Hamburg, Saturn (Mönckebergstr. 1, 20095 Hamburg), 17 h
28.04.2006 Berlin-Marzahn, Saturn (EAST GATE, Marzahner Promenade 1a, 12679 Berlin), 17 h

17.03.2006 - New "Thermostatic" single contains two mesh - remixes

Private Machine is the title of the new single of the Swedish band Thermostatic. The maxi cd contains two mesh remixes amongst other things. Further information can be found on the homepage of Thermostatic.

15.03.2006 - mesh fan club now officially running

The time has finally arrived: mesh have now got an official fan club!

From now on you will find the latest news of mesh as well as an extensive archive of the discography, concert photos, press reports, etc. on www.mesh-fanclub.de
There is also an official mesh fan club forum where you can discuss about the new releases or about the upcoming tour amongst others. And if you register for our newsletter you will always receive the latest information about mesh and various fan club activities.

We would like to thank Mark, Richard and Neil (mesh), Jan Winterfeld (Pluswelt) and Sebastian Stolle (Poponaut) as well as all online- and print magazines that support us.

If you have got any questions, wishes, suggestions or something to criticize just let us know.

We wish you lots of fun!

Leeloo & Claus

Here's the official welcome message from mesh:

Hello and Welcome from mesh!

This is really the first official fan club site that we’ve been directly involved in and it’s incredibly flattering for us that someone would wish to take the time and trouble to create such a site. So we’d like to say a huge thank you to Claus and Leeloo for setting up www.mesh-fanclub.de

It’s got more information than our own website and helps us remember what we’ve done and where we’ve been!

We hope it will become a place for fans to "meet", talk, and to find out and share answers to questions. We will shortly do an exclusive interview for the website and will try to provide information and answers for you in the future through Claus who is in contact with us.

We hope it will be a great success for Claus and Leeloo and that fans will support their hard work in making this happen and keeping it up to date.

Thanks as ever to everyone for their support - and we now declare this fan club site as officially open!

Take care.

Mark, Rich and Neil.

13.03.2006 - mesh on Yahoo! - Musik

mesh is now featured on Yahoo! Musik who are presenting the We Collide-tour amongst other things. You can watch the new video clip of the single Crash and see the latest press photos online.

06.03.2006 - "Crash" enters the MediaControl Charts at number 88

The new single of mesh Crash entered the MediaControl Charts at number 88 in the first week. A big success considering there was hardly any radio and TV promotion. This means that Crash is as successful as Friends Like These three years ago.

03.03.2006 - Exclusive remix of "From This Height"

The new compilation elektrisch! is available in the shops from today and also features the exclusive Pocket Orchestra Remix of the mesh song From This Height. Information about the compilation can either be found in our discography or directly on the home page of elektrisch!.

02.03.2006 - Further tour dates

Further dates for the forthcoming We Collide-tour are confirmed. On 29 April, mesh appear in Stettin (Poland) and on 6 May, they headline a festival in Athens (Greece). In June, there are also be some concerts in England, with Client as support. For further information visit our LIVE section or the home page of Pluswelt.

24.02.2006 - New single "Crash" available in the shops from today

The new single of mesh is available in the shops from today. Please keep in mind to buy the single-cd Crash either through the shops or order it online via Amazon as other mail order might not count for the charts. Alternatively, you can also download the single on iTunes or Musicload.

22.02.2006 - Official mesh newsletter February 2006

Well, we're getting nervous now. Everything we've worked for over these past few years is about to come into the public domain and we just hope people like what we've done.

So far we've been overwhelmed with the numbers of messages and kind words from people so as always a huge thank you to everyone for their support.

Over the past few weeks as well as doing interviews and working on the live shows we've been getting together the final content for the Bonus DVD we're releasing with 'We Collide'. We really wanted to give people a good package of extra material plus an insight into how we put the album together and there's more news about that later.

But first - the most important thing for us right now....

'Crash' - released this Friday - 24th February 2006

Well it's taken a while but finally 'Crash' will be released in Germany this Friday as the first single from mesh's forthcoming album 'We Collide'.

Neil "We're really proud of the single and that we've created a nice package of new songs and remixes. In fact many people are suggesting that one of the b-sides 'Soul' could have been a single on its own..."

There's not a lot new to add about the single now, only to thank everyone who has stood by and supported us over this last couple of years and that maybe with everyone's help this is the time to make the big push.

Radio and TV stations take more notice when you're in the charts so if we can get good sales in the first week that could make all the difference to people sitting up and taking notice of us.

The single is now in the digipack format - as ever with Neil's artwork - and just as a reminder the tracklisting is:

1. Crash (original version)
2. Crash (mesh collision mix)
3. Crash (Alien Six Kerosene mix)
4. Soul
5. Into This World
6. the video clip for 'Crash' (playable on PC and Mac)

For German viewers there's a cool review on the homepage of http://www.depechemode.de/index.php

'We Collide' Limited Edition

After much blood sweat and tears mesh are now pleased to confirm the contents of the 'We Collide' Bonus DVD as follows:

Making of "We Collide" (26:32)

Promo Videoclips
Crash (4:21)
Leave You Nothing (4:58)
Friends Like These (3:52)

From this height - M'Era Luna Festival Hildesheim 2003 (4:58)
What does it cost you - M'Era Luna Festival Hildesheim 2003 (5:15)
Let them crush us - Secret Garden Festival Hannover 2004 (4:28)

Audio Bonustracks (previously unreleased demoversions):
Open Up The Ground (4:08)
Room with a View (3:30)
This is What you Wanted (3:16)
What are you scared of (4:32)
Into This World (3:24)

Tour Support Confirmed

We're pleased to announce that the support band on the tour will be Mechanical Cabaret - www.mechanicalcabaret.co.uk - Mechanical Cabaret haven't played outside the UK before and we're very pleased they agreed to come on tour with us and to be able to help bring something new to central European audiences.

We hope also to announce some more dates soon...

Myspace grows...

Thanks to everyone who's joined us at http://www.myspace.com/meshwecollide

Over the past couple of weeks we've gained over 600 friends - that's around 598 more than we have in real life :) We've also changed the settings so people can download the sound clips and add them to their own sites which people are kindly doing already.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll see you in the Charts!

Thanks as ever.

Mark, Rich and Neil

03.02.2006 - New single "Crash" on iTunes

The new single Crash is now available on iTunes.

27.01.2006 - New remix of "From This Height"

On 3 March 2006, the compilation elektrisch! which features the Pocket Orchestra Remix of From This Height will be released. Further information of the exact track listing and how to pre-order the album can be found on the elektrisch! home page.

23.01.2006 - Tracklistings der neuen Releases, neuer Konzerttermin,...

Die Tracklistings der neuen Releases sind bekannt. Jeder, der mesh unterstützen möchte, sollte sich die CD möglichst in der Erscheinungswoche entweder persönlich im Plattenladen in Deutschland kaufen oder bei Amazon bestellen. Nur das hilft der Band weiter, da das Thema Charts diesmal wichtiger für mesh (bzw. die Plattenfirma) ist als je zuvor. Andere Mailorder zählen nicht für die Charts (was im übrigen sehr bedauerlich ist).

01. Crash (Original Version)
02. Crash (mesh Collision Mix)
03. Crash (Alien Six Kerosene Remix)
04. Soul
05. Into This World
06. Crash (Video-Clip)

Der Video-Clip zu Crash wurde in Deutschland von Mark Feuerstake (www.feuerstake.de) produziert. Einen Preview Clip des Videos könnt Ihr Euch unter www.feuerstake.de/news/index.htm anschauen.

01. Open Up The Ground
02. What Are You Scared Of?
03. Step By Step
04. No Place Like Home
05. Petrified
06. Rest In Pieces
07. This Is What You Wanted
08. Room With A View
09. My Hands Are Tied
10. Crash
11. Can You Mend Hearts?

Zum Album wird es neben dem regulären Release auch noch eine Limited Edition geben. Diese wird eine Bonus-DVD enthalten, auf der neben mesh Videoclips auch noch weiteres Material, das die Band noch zusammenstellt, zu finden sein wird.

Für die We Collide-Tour ist ein neuer Konzerttermin dazugekommen. Am 22.04.2006 spielen mesh im Monastery in Wien.

mesh wurden von vielen Leuten gefragt, warum sie nicht bei www.myspace.com sind. Jetzt ist die Band da vertreten. Zeigt mesh, wieviele Freunde sie haben, indem Ihr Euch bei www.myspace.com/meshwecollide eintragt.