Carol Masters - [re:mastered]  

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Souvenir Records
8 29171 10062 9

CD 1
  1. Connect (mesh remix)
  2. Connect (signal stream mix by phenotract)
  3. Connect (love interruptus remix by goteki)
  4. Connect (robert johnston's version life without building)
  5. Love And Dancing (nightclub people electroca$h disco remix)
  6. Love And Dancing (hong kong counterfeit reproduction)
  7. Love And Dancing (ray's enourmous bubble mix)
  8. Love And Dancing (cm cocaine disco remix)
  9. Bed Of Roses (fleeting moment mix by positive complex)
10. Bed Of Roses (thanking the academy mix)
11. Bed Of Roses (electrosquad space march mix)
12. Connect (technologic disco mix)
13. Connect (boothnavy's dtad remix)
14. Submission
15. Bed Of Roses (cm xanadu version)

CD 2
  1. You Will Never Know
  2. Lotta Love
  3. Connect (comrade kick mix by soviet)
  4. Connect (retro-action mix by interface)
  5. Connect (niederfrequenz remix)
  6. Connect (closer remix by lauren flax)
  7. Love And Dancing (kissing you remix by zhiva)
  8. Love And Dancing (heaven sent mix by xero/g)
  9. Love And Dancing (cm deluxx version)
10. Bed Of Roses (mount royal mix by stars)
11. Bed Of Roses (the mystechs' midnight love remix)
12. Your Silent Face (goteki meets carol masters)
13. Anything Is Possible
14. Calling Home (universal greeting station alternate mix)

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