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Synthetic Product Records
Promotional Copy

  1. Klockwork - In My Head (shorter)
  2. mesh - Safe With Me (snare's epic edit remix)
  3. Red Flag - Asylum (original)
  4. Carpe Diem - Them (shortcut)
  5. Obsc(y)re - Imagine (slow-mix)
  6. De/Vision - Re-invent Yourself (hmb-mix)
  7. L'image - Fly With Me (Demo)

(1) Taken from CD "Collage". (SPR/Indigo)
(2) Original version can be found on several Mesh CD's. (SPR/Indigo)
(3) www.epopshop.com have more singles. All other Red Flag CD's. (SPR/Indigo)
(4) Taken from Carpe Diem MCD "Them" and Carpe Diem CD "self-fulfilling prophecy". (SPR/Indigo)
(5) Original Version on CD "Heavently Venture" (Omp/SPR/Indigo)
(6) Courtesy of WEA Records/Warner Music Germany, original version can be found on CD "Void" (WEA Records, a division of Warner Music Germany)
(7) Currently unsigned

(1)-(5) published by Kleefeld/Hanseatic
Track (6) published by Strangeways/Hanseatic
(6) and (7) soon published by Kleefeld/Hanseatic
Released April 2001

Mastered by Master and Servant Hamburg
Compiled by LRM

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