Christmas competition 2006

At Christmas 2006 we organized a competition, where you could win loads of prizes. (We Collide - Limited Edition CD+DVD, We Collide - Greek Edition, We Collide - Promotional Poster, My Hands Are Tied / Petrified - Promotional Single, Thermostatic - Private Machine - Maxi-CD).

You had to solve the following crossword.


5. MESH's first cover version
7. a MESH song
8. Name of a remixer and of a drum
9. Spanish electro-band (Tip: Name of a small sack against
    dampness in packages)
11. Abbreviation for "Wave Gotik Treffen"
13. MESH's German distribution
14. From This ...
15. Unit of measurement for vinyl
19. MESH's new live keyboardist
21. The ... We're In
22. Song, which MESH remixed for Apoptygma Berzerk
23. MESH are from...
25. Neil...
27. Name of MESH's live drummer
29. a German music magazine
31. Spanish electro-band
32. former English electro-band (Tip: MESH's new keyboardist)
33. an old MESH song
34. Song from Mark'Oh and MESH
35. Internet portal (at present very popular)
37. B-Side of a MESH single
38. Reasonably ... Mix
39. Name of a compilation series including MESH
40. a MESH single


2. What Does It ... You?
3. a MESH single (USA) and EP
4. Richard...
5. German electro-band
6. a MESH single
7. ... Jones (Iris)
9. a MESH song
10. Band from Texas, USA
12. MESH's record company
16. German electro-band
17. Little ..., I think we made it better
18. one of the three MESH songs released first
20. a MESH song ("It never falls in your hands")
24. German music mail-order
26. Festival in Sweden
28. MESH's promotion and booking agency
30. a MESH single
33. B-Side of a MESH single
36. The ... At Which It Falls Apart


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