Welcome message from mesh to the fanclub start

Hello and Welcome from mesh!

This is really the first official fan club site that weve been directly involved in and its incredibly flattering for us that someone would wish to take the time and trouble to create such a site. So wed like to say a huge thank you to Claus and Leeloo for setting up www.mesh-fanclub.de

Its got more information than our own website and helps us remember what weve done and where weve been!

We hope it will become a place for fans to "meet", talk, and to find out and share answers to questions. We will shortly do an exclusive interview for the website and will try to provide information and answers for you in the future through Claus who is in contact with us.

We hope it will be a great success for Claus and Leeloo and that fans will support their hard work in making this happen and keeping it up to date.

Thanks as ever to everyone for their support - and we now declare this fan club site as officially open!

Take care.

Mark, Rich and Neil.

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