An Alternative Solution


Mesh made a splash last year, with their album A Perfect Solution and a spot on the Legends of Synthpop Tour with De/Vision and Iris. A remix album is a risk for any act, but Mesh provides a solid foundation for any reworking.

This experiment is about half successful. Some tracks do nothing to add to the originals, and in fact, detract from Mesh’s beautiful synthpop. Portion Control’s take on "The Bitter End" is a remix worst case scenario, stripping the original of its melody with a grating spacey synth and an overload of clashing special effects. The Parralox version of "Hopes.Dreams" has a bright, bouncy new wave sound that’s good for what it is, but not a good match for Mesh’s dark melodies.

Several other spots on the album, however, offer a refreshing new take on Mesh’s solid tunes. SMP’s Deathproof mix of "It’s Gone" won’t pack a dance floor, but the airy synth and mournful sound work well with the melancholy tone of the lyrics and the singer’s deep voice. The Restraining Order mix of "Want You" by Informatik has a static but driving beat and an overall sound that shifts perfectly from a dark tone to a heavy synth. Intuition offers an interesting take on "Who Says?", overlaying it with heavy guitars and hard synths that give it a distinctive edge. These tracks, rather than stretching out the originals’ catchy melodies, enhance them with new dimensions, which is what a remix is supposed to do.