We Collide

(DJ Avalanche, Musicfolio.com)

Mesh are still as inspired today as they were four years ago. They have perfected their formula, and having Gareth Jones (Depeche Mode, Erasure, John Foxx, Nick Cave, Indochine, ...) behind the mixer on their new album, 'We Collide', doesn't hurt either. The album is packed with stimulating electronic programming/sequencing and subtle use of guitars as aptly demonstrated on the strong opening track Open Up The Ground. Step by Step is a bomb! With its addictive melody and soaring chorus, this one will pack dancefloors, and with lyrics like 'I learn about touch through your hands, ... I learn about taste through your lips' it will send young girls' hearts racing. Another moving track worthy of distinctive mention on the album, Can You Mend Hearts, is an emotive song provoked by the double murder of two 10-year-old girls in England in 2002 that horrified the world. 'We Collide' is not all flawless though, a few weaker tracks blemish the whole.
My appreciation for these three very talented musicians is growing by the day, and I must say that they play in the same league as heroes like Depeche Mode.