(TekNoir, Gothtronic)

Mesh is back! This promo single for club use lets us hear a fresh and rock centered sound, that is exactly in the vein of the material on the previous album 'Who Watches Over Me'. 'Crash' is a teaser for the upcoming album 'We Collide'. 'Crash' sounds familiar and makes curious for the new album. Exactly as is the intention of a promotional single. I will use this with Deeyaing in clubs for sure. The actual single isn't released until the end of february. The track 'Crash' is represented on this single in three versions, except for the original there is an Alien Six Kerosene remix with more experimental electronic sounds and a Mesh Collision mix, which is a tighter dancefloor centered mix. Mesh develops towards an indie pop sound with wave and electro influences that could bring the band bigger successes in the future than ever before. For now the waiting is for the new album 'We Collide' to be released in march to get a better impression of Mesh in 2006.