Anticipation, Baby

The impression is misguided: In fact, the last album "A Perfect Solution" by British synthpop favourites mesh had been issued approximately three years ago. The accompanying remix album that followed in 2011 contributed its part to ensure that the wait wasn't too long. New material, however, is, of course, preferred by the fans and is finally announced in the form of a new studio album called "Automation Baby" at the beginning of March. Recently the duo released the single "Born To Lie" and delivered a short insight into the latest studio performances via a video message. How the things are now, reveals one half of the band, Richard 'Rich' Silverthorn, in an interview.

"The response to the single is overwhelming so far!", he says pleased and explains: "We made a short video of us in the studio to give our fans an idea of how the new single will sound like. Since the reaction was great, we thought that the show in Krefeld would be a good opportunity to present it live for the first time and we were really positively shocked that night how many people had already been able to sing along! Well, actually it's always better to publish something and then give people some time to get used to it before playing it at a concert. But 'Born To Lie' seems already be a hit without time to market. This gives you somehow a little ego-kick and the confirmation that the choice of the first single was right. This feedback was very important because when you spend so much time in the studio, there's simply someone missing who tells you if you did a good job or not."
But honestly: What shall go wrong when the two Meshies write new songs and when a star producer like Olaf Wollschläger, who already worked on "A Perfect Solution", lends his hand? They don't even fear stagnation due to insufficient influence that a few bands suffer when co-operating with the same producer. "This problem occurs only when you have a producer who shall write your complete music. We work differently, however: We'd always written and recorded all songs already before we even started to talk about the production and the final mix. With 'A Perfect Solution' we felt that Olaf exactly knew what we were looking for. For this reason, we co-operated with him again for 'Automation Baby'", the keyboarder reveals and gives some more details: "All songs were recorded in Bristol and sent to him in a nearly finished state so that production could start right away. Olaf then takes the files, mixes them and puts everything in order what we've done so far. He then makes a few suggestions for the sound and arrangements and exactly this way the whole album is compiled. The whole time, during this process, we exchange notes on the internet until everything is finished. It works very well."

You can read the entire article in the issue 02/2013 of Sonic Seducer.

Catrin Nordwig, Sonic Seducer