Deep below the surface

Three years ago, Britain's electro-synth-pop heroes catapulted themselves to the interim zenith of their career with their last album "We Collide", convinced fans and media alike with their melodious filigree musical gems. Consistent with the dark winter months mesh are following a virtuous path that moves noticeably in gloomy climes. Rougher guitars and intense lyrics dominate the sixth album called "A Perfect Solution" and showcases the duo Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn's most dark sound to date...

"It's probably the best album we have ever done", says a visibly happier Rich about the completion of their recent release and brings it straight to the point. "This time we did our job without any pressure, took all the time we needed and distanced ourselves from all the constraints. So there was neither pressure from the record company nor from other authorities. It was all about us and the music. Therefore, 'A Perfect Solution' really represents all what mesh is. Sometimes, records will be produced that have a difficult past that are not less valuable but need a lot of preparation, are labour-intensive and keep you busy all day and night during the production", says the father of three children who lives in Bristol, "but things went differently during these recordings. It grew by itself, and didn't cost massive amounts of energy. We haven't made it easy for us, though, but inspiration was there, it simply flowed." So we could surrender to artistic freedom completely relaxed, Mister Silverthorn says. "After all, it's like this: With our last CD 'We Collide' we received an immense amount of positive feedback, critics have partly fallen over each other, all felt confirmed and seemed excited, but should we take this of course fantastic - response to the scale?" he asks for good reason. "That would have unnecessarily restricted us and put us under pressure. In the end, you can only resolve to give your best at the beginning of a new album. This one is different not worse, no way, just different, because we have developed and the songs are not measured by old standards. They are, after all, still a snapshot in time and reflect the here and now, therefore 'A Perfect Solution' describes the perfect picture of the presence. We are more than satisfied with the result!"

A condition that is often enough under the section "hard to reach" for the perfectionists Mark and Rich, if the two are completely honest. "We are what our artistic work concerns very pedantic and have the highest expectations", the keyboardist and guitarist explains. "It is perhaps also because we have already been on a musical trip for such a long time, have seen and heard much, thought many times that we had reached the end of the excursion, had reached the target. But every time it has shown that it goes on constantly. We are still far from reached. And as long as the drive is still in you and as long as we have still much to say, we owe it to ourselves, to give 100 % and not less. And if we don't like the material completely, we don't use it, it's that easy! As a musician you bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for your compositions and listeners. If you're satisfied with less than it's possible, you can go at once."

You can read the entire article in the issue 11/09 of Sonic Seducer.

Jasmin Froghy, Sonic Seducer