Back to the core

17 years is a long time ... Only a few are able to continuously convince with their virtuoso skills the Brits of mesh are one of these rare artistic gems: Founded in Bristol in 1992, songwriter and singer Mark Hockings as well as his companion Richard Silverthorn stand for nearly two decades of melodic beguiling electro-synth-pop in its purest form. Despite tumultuous movements in the scene, mesh were never off course, were always true to themselves and their passion, and have used all the musical fashion trend to make their work even stronger and more passionate. This confidence in their own art, their own work, regardless of any kind of trends, has paid off to date. Mesh has become indispensable in this genre and after three years of silence they are back with a new album "A Perfect Solution". Harder, more intense and darker it shows depth, not only musically, but also as the content reveals; they are not afraid of painful openness...

"The last few months we just spent to write and record," sighs mastermind Mark visibly exhausted. "It is very tiring when you are constantly busy with meeting any deadlines, but we are, nevertheless, anxious to bring the standard into perfection down to the last detail, and keep it as sophisticated and professional as possible", explains the frontman. "Add to this the whole mixing, mastering, artwork, as well as the promotion like photo shoots, interviews and a variety of deals and cooperations for publication. That's great and everyone would be happy to be in this situation, but it intensifies the days a lot", he smiles charmingly, "and just means effort and time."

But that was definitely worth it and could not have been better invested. "Yes, I think 'A Perfect Solution' represents a completely new start for us, after having had to fight with some uncertainties the last few months. For this reason, I find our most recent disc almost as a comeback, just more focused. The latest material is very self-conscious, with a lot of energy and emotion it shows us from the best side we could ever reach! That's for sure, without question!", Mark confidently says in a firm voice. As for the planning, the two creative minds were in complete agreement. "Rich and myself have a very similar way when it comes to decide preliminary about what we like and what we don't like. This time it was immediately clear, and we both felt the same way, we wanted to create something with more tempo, but also with more depth. Bigger and more vigorous, full of energy, power and strength to be able to frame all those extreme emotions and feelings in it. That is probably the first time we made such a decision with full awareness and consideration. In my opinion it's much harder to write fast songs with strong melodies. Mid-tempo or slow compositions are easier to do", reflects the vocalist with a passion for Morrissey, Radiohead and Chet Baker.

You can read the entire article in the issue 10/09 of Sonic Seducer.

Jasmin Froghy, Sonic Seducer