Less is more

It was in December 2006, when the British electro poppers of Mesh started the second part of their tour in the Weststadthalle in Essen to present the new "We Collide" album also released in 2006. The sound of the quiet "Room With A View" was accompanied by a very moving video projection and at the climax of this track thousands of small points of lights lit up the entire back of the stage. A special feature of this venue, and, in interaction with the live performance that had gotten better every time, many concert-goers let arise the request for a live DVD of Mesh soon. A wish Mark and Rich would gladly like to grant with "The World's A Big Place" on 23rd November.

This idea already came up about two years ago: "We always had a camcorder at our gigs. We wanted to record a complete show, but Neil left the band and so all the material we already recorded had also shown Neil. So we had to start all over again. What we have used now, is only from the concerts of last year", Rich explains. However, Neil can be seen in some backstage scenes to make it less monotonous. "We just didn't want to erase the fact that Neil was in the band."

Current and new, however, is that the DVD won't be released on the traditional label Königskinder aka former Home Records, but at Major Records, which have attracted similar types of bands such as Ladytron and X-Perience recently. Rich: "I don't think that Königskinder are so crazy about continuing being active in the music industry at the moment. Our contract expires soon, and in the past, there were also some problems on the business side. It was easier for Major Records to release this DVD than for Königskinder. We are very pleased with how things are developing. Maybe it's time for a change." No surprise was the choice of the location where the concert was filmed, namely the Kulturfabrik Krefeld at which the band performed for the sixth time already. Rich confirms the decision: "Every time, when we play there, everything is well organized, the lighting equipment is well, they have a really good sound system, the size of the stage, form of the room, it was just too obvious", and another reason was added by Mark: "Since we didn't have a concert the day before, we had enough time to prepare and to organize everything." ...

You can read the entire article in the issue 01/08 of Sonic Seducer.

Julia Beyer, Sonic Seducer