Don't look back in anger

An eventful year for the band from Bristol: Earlier this year, their fifth studio album "We Collide" was released on which the Britons once more evolved musically and with regard to content. A little later an extensive tour followed that found its peak in a stirring performance on the main stage at the M'Era Luna Festival. And yet another special feature marked this show as it was the last one in Germany with Neil Taylor who left the band shortly after, after being a member of mesh for ten years.

We met Mark Hockings and Richard Silverthorn just before their concert in Essen during the second part of their "We Collide" tour along with drummer Gary and the new man on the keys, Geoff Pinckney, who used to be the frontman of the electro poppers of The Nine. A short explanation for the interview followed and even before the first question was asked, Rich cut us off: "It was a good year!" he said laughing and singer Mark followed quickly. A bit more thoughtfully, a more detailed answer and summary of the last year followed. "Confusing. I mean of course we are happy about the new album and the work we put into it. But it is a problem that Neil left the band. But all in all we are satisfied. I think this album is the best we have ever made and many people seem to think the same, the feedback of our fans is really very positive", and Mark adds: "We are very happy with the tour, and I think we really worked on us, the show is better and so is the sound" of which the large audience who came to the concert could see for themselves right after this interview. Nevertheless, Neil's departure was a severe blow and fly in the ointment. "Yes, I think it was a Neil thing. We're not angry, we have to respect it, it's his opinion, his decision. We're a little bit, how can I express it tactfully, we found it a bit selfish. If someone says that he stays until the end of an album, for us it means until the end of the tour, but not until the end of promotion. He knew that there will be a second part of the tour and didn't give us much time to solve it. The venues were booked, the tickets in advance sale. We had to find a quick solution, otherwise we had to cancel the tour. We were quite disappointed back then. But now we're over it and glad that we have managed it without him." ...

You can read the entire article in the special issue "Jahresrückblick 2006" of Sonic Seducer.

Julia Beyer, Sonic Seducer