On This Tour Forever

Bristol, 1996. Three friends and musicians, better known as mesh, released their album "In This Place Forever", which even today still has relevance in the electro scene. A tour followed shortly after where they performed as the opening act for the synth popper Beborn Beton and brought them on German stages for the first time. Now their stage debut marks the tenth year with the second part of their "We Collide"-tour that will lead the band through Europe and Russia in early December. Once again they are supported by the Texan guys from Iris who have already supported them during the first part. But not only the tour caused quite a stir in the band structure, but also the news that founding member Neil Taylor left the band recently. Richard Silverthorn brought us up to date.

After ten years, the memory of the first concert, however, has somewhat faded, as Rich admits. "I don't remember where it was, but I do remember that we played with Beborn Beton. It was a great concert." Apart from some favourite gigs of the band like Hamburg or Berlin ("It almost feels like playing at home."), the concerts in Russia were especially full of lasting memories. "That's right. It was incredible. We didn't really know what to expect there, it was so bizarre, we had security people with us almost the entire time because people constantly came to us and asked for autographs. It was really weird, but the concert itself was amazing, the response we got. There weren't that many bands playing I think." No wonder that one is tempted to feel like a rock star. "Yes, for a day", Rich laughs.

Less pleasing, however, is the departure of Neil Taylor, who was part of mesh from the beginning and formed the visual appearance crucially. "It was a difficult time. Neil told us after we had some gigs in England. He said he was burned out, that he couldn't continue. As you know, there's a lot of work behind the scenes. You don't only go on the stage and publish records. There are many administrative things and paperwork too. We told him that if we can take some pressure off him, he should tell us. But he had already decided and wanted to get back to normal life. To have a normal job, to go on holidays, and simply no longer be part of the band, no longer traveling around, to have no more obligation and responsibility. Mark and I were very disappointed with his decision, as we had a discussion earlier this year to step on the album. We were all very proud of the album. We talked about playing as many shows as possible, and he told us about leaving the band in June. Although I had almost expected it by the end of the year, which would have been ok. But he has made his decision, and obviously he wants to go his own way." Neil's leaving won't change anything, that the music concerns, Rich assures, "Neil's participation in music on the last two albums was very low."

You can read the entire article in the issue 01/07 of Sonic Seducer.

Julia Beyer, Sonic Seducer