On collision course

Synthpop There are only a few representatives of the genre who could detach themselves from the epochal Depeche Mode model. Mesh, beyond any doubt and convinced beanie wearers from Bristol, can already look back on a variety of flattering and anthemic hits of their own creation. Recently ennobled by Robbie Williams' visit to one of their gigs, the trio hope, with their fresh mix of styles for the big breakthrough beyond the stylistic boundaries, especially since the new album "We Collide" is imbued with the emancipation of synthpop.

Do you see yourselves as pop band with respect to the limited and outdated genre Synthpop?

Mesh: We see ourselves as a band that use computers and synthesizers as a means of transport for the music. Of course, the method of music creation is still important to us. The people outside the scene need a comparison. It's easier to explain music by means of the instruments we use than describing the song itself. We always struggle for an answer when people ask us: "What kind of music do you do?" For someone who comes from England "Synthpop" is more of a derogative term. You associate with it "happy", lighter music like the one of Erasure or the Pet Shop Boys. Our music tends more towards electronic rock.

In many of your songs, you can hear guitar riffs hidden in the background. Do you worry that your fans don't like that?

Mesh: No, I hope not! We think that our fans are quite open for it. We've always used guitars, even on our first album "Fragile". We like the raw energy that can be produced with the guitar. Sometimes it's the only instrument that can fill empty spaces. And there are a lot if you try to reduce yourselves only to keyboards. We used to use a lot of effects to make everything sound synthetic. On our new album, the guitar riffs are more pushed to the fore. With our music we want to create moods and atmospheres. If the guitar is helping us, we will always use it.

Is there a tour of the current album? Are you planning a video clip?

Mesh: "We Collide" will be released on 31 March and end of April we will go on tour, and we are very much looking forward to it. After so much time in the studio, it will be lots of fun to test the album live we still need this interaction. We did a video for our first single "Crash" (released on 24 February) in Dusseldorf. It was directed by Mark Feuerstake with whom we have already worked together for "Not Prepared". It was a cold day with lots of cars, lunatic drivers, screaming girls, time travel, and always close to an accident. And luckily we didn't have to act.