It's now been about two years since MESH released their last album "Who Watches Over Me?". Over last year, the guys have been hard-working producing new songs at the studio. With their approaching performance in Hanover on 12.06.2004 coming, we exclusively interviewed NEIL. How it looks like with the recordings... Read for yourself!

How is the work in the studio progressing? Are you happy with your decision to call a producer in to oversee the new album?

Neil: Work is progressing slowly but good! We're very pleased with the new songs. We've been working on a powerful combination of good tracks. They've got different moods and styles. Of course, there are also very energetic songs on it! The record company loves what we've done so far and believes that there are some singles among them. We want that people get that desire for "I want to hear it/play it again" directly after listening.
After finishing all pre-productions and recordings in our own studio, we were interested to know what difference it would make when we would co-operate with a producer. We believe that we have a distinctive sound and therefore were looking for someone who likes our music and different to someone who produces the music himself, could help to keep our sound fresh and interesting. In our discussions with Gerret Frerichs (Camouflage amongst others) he was on the same wavelength with us. We're pleased to hear the result of his work.

How many songs can we expect on the next album? Do you already have a working title?

Neil: There will be a 3 CD box with 46 tracks. The first 5000 boxes will include a limited edition CD with 14 of the songs in latin-style. (laughs)
There will be 11 or 12 songs on the next album. We currently don't have a working title for it yet, but there are already a few ideas. On our studio PC, it's saved as "2nd Album for Home" at the moment.

Is a single release planned, and will there be an accompanying video?

Neil: There will definitely be a single. We will wait until we have recorded everything and then decide which song is being launched as a single and when it should be published.
Of course, a real B-side will be included with the single! To be honest, I don't know if there will be a video. We want to put the promotion budget into more effective things. I think a lot of bands and labels are wondering whether the money is well spent in videos, especially if they are expensive and with the fact that they are less and less music channels willing to show videos of "new" bands and directions.
I think the music video industry has slowly given thought to it.

Now the most important question for most MESH fans out there: When will the new album see the light of day? This year or maybe in 2005?

Neil: We are working on a release this year, that is what we want. If it's not compatible with the schedule of the record company, however, there will definitely be new material in form of a single!

Thank you for the interview!