Krefeld (Kulturfabrik)

  1. Not Prepared
  2. Trust You
  3. Flawless
  4. You Didn't Want Me
  5. From This Height
  6. Crash
  7. Step By Step
  8. You Want What's Owed To You
  9. Tuesday
10. Firefly
11. Just Leave Us Alone
12. Born To Lie
13. Friends Like These
14. Taken For Granted

Further information: Pluswelt Festival XII (Substaat, Blitzmaschine, Republica, De/Vision, mesh, Apoptygma Berzerk)
During the break between De/Vision's and mesh's set Mark Hockings and Lord Richard Broadhead played the songs 'Not Prepared' and 'Trust You' in a piano version in front of the mixing desk
'Firefly' was performed in duet with Samantha 'Saffron' Sprackling (Republica)
During the Apoptygma Berzerk gig Mark went on stage again for the song 'Mourn'

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