Festung Königstein (Festung Königstein)

  1. Not Prepared
  2. Trust You
  3. Intro/Flawless
  4. You Didn't Want Me
  5. Automation Baby
  6. Can You Mend Hearts?
  7. Adjust Your Set
  8. From This Height
  9. People Like Me
10. How Long?
11. Tuesday
12. Room With A View
13. Crash
14. Step By Step
15. When The City Breathes
16. You Want What's Owed To You
17. Never Meet Your Heroes
18. Just Leave Us Alone
19. Taken For Granted
20. Born To Lie
21. Friends Like These
22. It Scares Me

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Before the concert Mark Hockings and Lord Richard Broadhead played the piano versions of the songs 'Not Prepared' and 'Trust You' in front of the mixing desk.

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