Solitary Experiments - Memorandum Ltd. Edition Collector's Box (1,000 copies)

Record company:

3-CD + DVD
Out Of Line Music GmbH
OUT 729 | 730 | 731 | 732
4 260158 837323

CD 1: First Tape R.D.C.E. (1996)
  1. Risc De Choc Electrique
  2. Die Seuche
  3. Kein Erbarmen
  4. Guardian Angel
  5. Escape To Nowhere
  6. In Ewigkeit
  7. Torment Machines
  8. Fernes Land
  9. Dein Fleisch
10. Wake Up Your Mind
11. Das Bse
12. Sacrifice
13. Fhlst Du Dich wohl

CD 2: Best Of: Remixed
  1. Epiphany (Mesh Remix)
  2. Delight (XMTP Remix)
  3. Beg Your Pardon (T.O.Y. Remix)
  4. Game Over (Steril Remix)
  5. A Rush Of Ecstasy (In Strict Confidence Remix)
  6. The Dark Inside Me (Der Prager Handgriff Remix)
  7. Do You Feel? (Dirk Riegner Remix)
  8. Odyssey Of Mind (The Eternal Afflict Remix)
  9. No Salvation (Decoded Feedback Remix)
10. Rise And Fall (Trial Remix)
11. Land Of Tomorrow (Syntec Remix)
12. Immortal (Robert Enforsen Remix)
13. Miracle (Robotiko Rejecto Remix)
14. Steering Wheel (Psyche Remix)

CD 3: Heavenly Symphony
  1. The Edge Of Life
  2. Immortal
  3. Beg Your Pardon
  4. Dj Vu
  5. Delight
  6. Epiphany
  7. Trial And Error
  8. Stars

DVD: Retrospective View
  1. Stars (Hamburg 2012)
  2. Delight (Gelsenkirchen 2012)
  3. Pale Candle Light (Dortmund 2011)
  4. Point Of View (Leipzig 2012)
  5. Homesick (Hamburg 2012)
  6. Immortal (Gelsenkirchen 2012)
  7. Trial And Error (Leipzig 2012)
  8. Odyssey Of Mind (Gelsenkirchen 2012)
  9. A Rush Of Ecstasy (Leipzig 2012)
10. Watching Over You (Berlin 2010)
11. Rise And Fall (Hamburg 2012)

Solitary Experiments are:
Dennis Schober (Vocals/Effects/Lyrics)
Michael Thielemann (Synth./Prog./Sampling)
Steve Graeber (Synth./Prog./Sampling)
Frank Glassl (Live Drums/Percussion)

Written, composed and arranged by Solitary Experiments between 1994 and 2014 for Out Of Line Music
Produced, mixed and engineered at the "Transcendent Laboratories" in Frankfurt (Oder)/Germany
All post-production, audio restoration and mastering by Solitary Experiments
Beware of poor sound quality on Disc 1, it's rough demo material only!!!

Clip-editing and DVD-authoring Talkingfish Media
A Rush Of Ecstasy, Point Of View & Trial And Error filmed at 2. Darkflower Live Night Leipzig May 5th 2012
Odyssey Of Mind, Delight & Immortal filmed at Blackfield Festival Gelsenkirchen June 24th 2012
Stars, Homesick & Rise And Fall filmed at Nordstern Festival Hamburg July 14th 2012 by Talkingfish Media
Watching Over You filmed at the 15th anniversary celebration Berlin 23 October 2010
Pale Candle Light & Immortal (feat. Ashlar von Megalon) filmed at Unart Festival Dortmund November 5th 2011 by Unart TV - A Division of Unart Creative Media GmbH

#1 "Epiphany" remixed by Mesh, programming and production Richard Silverthorn
#2 "Delight" remixed by X-Marks The Pedwalk, additional production Sevren Ni-Arb at F.8
#3 "MBeg Your Pardon" remixed by T.O.Y., additional production Volker Lutz
#4 "Game Over" remixed by Steril, additional production Jan Wilking
#5 "A Rush Of Ecstasy" Inner Conflict Remix by In Strict Confidence, additional production Jrg Schelte
#6 "The Dark Inside Me" remixed by Der Prager Handgriff, additional production Volker Rathmann
#7 "Do You Feel?" remixed by Dirk Riegner, additional piano arrangement Dirk Riegner
#8 "Odyssey Of Mind" Mindcrime Remix by The Eternal Afflict
#9 "No Salvation" remixed by Decoded Feedback, additional production Yone Dudas
#10 "Rise And Fall" remixed by Trial, additional production Erick Miotke
#11 "Land Of Tomorrow" remixed by Syntec, additional production Uwe Kallenbach
#12 "Immortal" remixed by Robert Enforsen (Elegant Machinery)
#13 "Miracle" remixed by Robotiko Rejecto, additional production Rahen
#14 "Steering Wheel" remixed by Psyche, additional production Darrin Huss

Artwork, concept and layout as usual by
Band cartoon by Norman Winter
Additional photographs by Martin Black, Ronny Zeisberg, Christian Weber, Helge Roewer, Alexander Jung, Bjrn Wechsellicht, Toby Stolz, Susanne Thielemann and Alas Vera

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