Shelter feat. Andy Bell - iPop Deluxe Edition

Record company:

Ministry of Pop / B&B Music Ltd.

CD Vol. 1
  1. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll's Pianissimo Mix)
  2. Lift Me Up [feat. Vince Clarke] (DJ Jekyll's VC Album Mix)
  3. Stars (DJ Jekyll's Radio Mix)
  4. Destination [feat. The Alpha Belles] (Matt Pop's Arabian Nights Mix)
  5. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll's Rapture Mix)
  6. Go Hard Or Go Home (Matt Pop's Disco Mix)
  7. Friend [feat. LMTS Inc] (DJ Jekyll's Statepop Mix)
  8. In Somebody's Arms (Matt Pop's Ode De Moroder Mix)
  9. Beautiful (DJ Ram's Cute Mix)
10. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll's Acoustic Mix)
11. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll's Black Key Angst Remix)
12. Lift Me Up [feat. Vince Clarke] (DJ Jekyll's Extended Mix)
13. Stars (DJ Ram's Infinity & Beyond Extended Mix)
14. Stars (Don Mueller's Cosmic Arcadia Mix)
15. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll's Deep Space Voyager Mix)

CD Vol. 2
16. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll's Chemical Mix)
17. In Somebody's Arms (DJ Jekyll's Homeward Bound Fantasia Mix)
18. Beautiful (Don Mueller's Single Mix)
19. Stars (Airjax Radio Mix)
20. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll's Dr & Mr Mix)
21. Go Hard Or Go Home (DJ Jekyll's Detroit Diva Mix)
22. Friend [feat. LMTS Inc] (DJ Jekyll's Friendship Day Mix)
23. In Somebody's Arms (DJ Jekyll's Electro-Lullaby Mix)
24. Beautiful (Matt Pop's Radio Mix)
25. Stars (Sinestar's Kram Mix Homage Remix)
26. Electrostatic (Rob Dust's Radio Edit)
27. Beautiful (DJ Jekyll's Darker Than Wagner Mix)
28. Friend [feat. LMTS Inc] (DJ Jekyll's Chillax Edit)
29. Beautiful (Matt Pop's Extended Club Mix)

CD Vol. 3
30. Stars (Airjax Extended Club Mix)
31. Electrostatic (Rob Dust's Extended Remix)
32. Go Hard Or Go Home (Alignment North's End Mix)
33. Destination [feat. The Alpha Belles] (Destination's Meteoric Mix)
34. In Somebody's Arms (Northern Kind Mix)
35. Beautiful (DJ Ram's Gorgeous Mix)

36. Beautiful (Mesh Mix)
37. Electrostatic (DJ Jekyll's Down & Dirty with the Latinogod Mix)
38. Electrostatic (People Theatre's Short-circuit Mix)
39. Go Hard Or Go Home (DJ Jekyll's Don't Stop The Beat Mix)
40. Beautiful (Shelter's Violent Flame Tour Mix)

All tracks written by Shelter
except Stars and Electrostatic written by Shelter/Andy Bell

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