The Crüxshadows - Shadowbox  

Record company:

Amaray Case
Dancing Ferret Discs

6 87132 07159 9

Live: Crüxshadows in concert
from the 2004 WGT
  1. Intro (Into The Ether)
  2. Dragonfly
  3. Winterborn (This Sacrifice)
  4. Edge Of The World
  5. Resist/r
  6. Deception
  7. Citadel
  8. Tears
  9. Marilyn (My Bitterness)
Love: Music Video
  - Dragonfly
  - Edge Of The World
  - Winterborn
  - Cruelty
Be: Featurettes
  - Live (Band Interview)
  - Love (Featurette "Festival Snapshots")
  - Be (Return To Main Menu)
  - Believe (Featurette "Tour Impressions")
Believe: Bonus Material
  - Live (Exclusive Slide Show)
  - Love (Credits)
  - Be (Return To Main Menu)
  - Believe (Bonus Footage of Resist/r
     from Zillo 2004)

CD (Audio EP - Shadowbox)
  1. Foreverlast (Single Version)
  2. Helen (No Troy Mix, Extended Version)

  3. Foreverlast (Mesh After Hours Mix)
  4. Dragonfly (Conjure One Remix)
  5. Foreverlast (Night Version)
  6. ...Only Sleep
  7. Dragonfly (Video/Radio Edit)
  8. Edge Of The World (Skinny Puppy Remix)

The Crüxshadows are: Rogue, Rachel McDonnell, & George Bikos with Jessica Lackey, Trevor Brown, & Sarah Poulos

Produced by Rogue
Execute Producer: Patrick Rodgers, Dancing Ferret Discs
DVD Authoring by Jochen Schoberth
Main Feature Editing by Gudrun Kothe
Layout and Design by Melissa
CXS graphics by Rogue & Rachel McDonnell
Photography by Jessica Lackey, Sebastian Reichelt, & Frederik Görges

CD Credits
ForeverLast (mesh after hours mix) - programmed, recorded and mixed by mesh - with final mix by Rogue
Dragonfly (Conjure One Remix) remixed by Rhys Fulber
Edge Of The World (Skinny Puppy Remix), Remix by Skinny Puppy with final arrangement and mixing by Rogue
All other tracks and remixes by Rogue

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