The April Tears - Consume Desire  

Record company:

Edel Records AB
ERE 135362
4 029758 329429

  1. Model Actress Whatever
  2. Heart Shut Down
  3. Seventeen
  4. Medicine

  5. Hardcoming
  6. Clone Elvis
  7. All I Want Is You
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Neon
10. All Good Things Must Come To An End

Produced by Christoffer Lundquist, recorded and mixed at Aerosol
Grey Machine by Christoffer Lundquist
"M.A.W" mixed at Atlantis Studios, Stockholm
Co-engineered by Janne Hansson

The April Tears are Sara Gunnarsson, Andreas Jismark, Jimmy Monell and Torbjörn Söderman

Bassguitar by Christian Berg

Various Tracks features Lisa L. on Backing Vocals and Christoffer Lundquist on Backing Vocals, Keyboards and Piano

"Hardcoming" and "Heart Shut Down" also in parts pre-recorded or programmed at PUK Studios, Denmark, Music-A-Matic-Göteborg and Urban Studios, Bristol

All songs written by Andreas Jismark, published by Tom Bone Music, Sweden
Mastering by Asa Wintzell at Polar Music Mastering Studio, Stockholm

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