Various Artists - Electromagnetic - A Memento Materia Sampler  

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Memento Materia
MEMO 009
7 392880 000908

  1. Mesh - Last Breath Of You (fatal mix)
  2. Mesh - I Don't Expect To Be Right

  3. Tragic Comedy - Vacuum
  4. Tragic Comedy - Bright Atoms (hallucinative mix)
  5. Kliche - Another Lie (another version)
  6. Kliche - Clothes Make The Girl (sky blue rubber mix)
  7. Malaise - Sellout
  8. Malaise - Sudden Hours
  9. Native Cry - Kiss Of Life
10. Native Cry - Subnautic
11. Covenant - Luminal (test)
12. Covenant - Flux (station by station)
13. The April Tears - Little Blue Girl

14. The April Tears - Heart Shut Down

Tracks 1 + 2 by Mesh
Mesh: Richard Silverthorn, Mark Hockings, Neil Taylor
Photo by Jim Silverthorn. Recorded at Urban, Bristol
Tracks 3 + 4 by Magnusson/Lautrup
Tragic Comedy: Matthias Dümmatzen, Rickard Lautrup, Martin Dümmatzen, Fredrik Magnusson
Photo by Anders Ekne
Tracks 5 + 6 by Ronnie Johannesson
Kliche: R. Johannesson, J. Hellman, J. Lang
Photo by Hard To Get Productions
Tracks 7 + 8 by Danielsson, Korhonen/Danielsson
Malaise: Martin Danielsson, Johu Korhonen, Johan Linder, Kim Boman
Photo by Sascha Aunver. Recorded at FS-Studios, Söderhamn. Mixed by Rickard Sporrong at Soundfront.
Track 9 by Björnsson/Hansson
Track 10 by Björnsson
Native Cry: K. Björnsson, M. Philip, R. Hansson
Photo by Jesper Björck (PTB). Music Created by Native Cry. A Cresco Music Production.
Tracks 11 + 12 by Simonsson/Montelius
Station by Station remix by Central
Covenant: Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius, Clas Nachmanson
Photo by Jeanette Fredenberg
Tracks 13 + 14 by Andreas Jismark
The April Tears: Andreas Jismark, Sara Gunnarsson, Torbjörn Söderman, Christan Berg
Photo by Andreas Lennartsson
Little Blue Girl produced and re-arranged by Linus Larsson. Recorded at Eighttracker, Stockholm
Heart Shut Down produced by Mesh. Recorded at Urban, Bristol

All songs published by Memento Materia
Mastered by Petja at CD-Edit, Tampere
Sleeve by
Marketed in Germany by Synthetic Product Records

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