2014 - 2015: Last One Standing

Besides remixes for Substaat and Shelter feat. Andy Bell amongst others, Rich also worked as producer. Along with a remix he also produced three more songs for an EP for Sinestar (one of the support acts of the Automation Baby tour) who also are from Bristol.

In May 2014 mesh performed together with Camouflage and De/Vision in Kiev. During the rest of the year they were playing on various festivals: At BAS-Festival in Basildon (UK), the Amphi Festival at Tanzbrunnen in Cologne and at Pluswelt Festival at Kulturfabrik in Krefeld.

In September, they began writing for a new album. The first three songs which were written by the end of the year were Tactile, Last One Standing and The Fixer.

In the first half of 2015, Mark and Rich diligently wrote further songs. During this time, they only performed in London and at the Blackfield Festival in Gelsenkirchen. Early August, Olaf Wollschläger, with whom they had already worked successfully on A Perfect Solution and Automation Baby, stopped by Bristol for a few days and listened to the material recorded up until this date. They were talking about the musical direction of the new album and started with the first additional programming of the already finished songs.

In October, mesh visited the continent for a few concerts. In addition to the Dark Electro Festival in Warsaw, they also played a few shows in Germany. With Last One Standing Mark and Rich surprised their audience with a new song.

The highlight was undoubtedly the Gothic Meets Klassik Festival at the Leipzig Gewandhaus though, along with other artists Anne Clark and Covenant. mesh, accompanied by a 42-piece orchestra, played five songs in a sold out house and received standing ovation by the audience. The performance was recorded for a later CD release.

In late November, the band traveled to Barcelona to play on the Ultranight Pop Festival. De/Vision and OBK were also on the line-up. The rest of the year was spent with songwriting in their home studio.

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