2012 - 2013: Automation Baby

The first half of the year, Mark and Rich mostly spent time with writing songs for the next album.

mesh were appearing live for the first time that year during the Whitsun weekend. After a trial show with a new keyboardist in the Kantine Augsburg, a performance as headliner at WGT in Leipzig followed the day after. On keyboards a new man called Richard Broadhead appeared. Geoff Pinckney left the band because he wanted to fully concentrate on his own project tenek.

Two more festivals followed in July and September: The Nordstern Festival in Hamburg and the Electronic Summer Festival in Gothenburg. They didn't play any new songs though.

As Mark and Rich were very happy with the recordings for the last album A Perfect Solution, they decided to work with Olaf Wollschläger again. So they travelled to Germany in October for nine days to mix the new album and to re-record a few vocals in Kerpen. Rich was quite sure that Born To Lie had to be the first single. The new B-side song Black Dog was written at that time. In November 2012, the work on the album Automation Baby has been finished.

Also in November mesh performed in England at the Whitby Gothic Weekend. On 22 December 2012, they were headlining the Pluswelt Festival at Kulturfabrik in Krefeld. Here they presented two new songs for the first time: the forthcoming single Born To Lie and Taken For Granted. In addition, they surprised their fans when Mark performed the very last song Can You Mend Hearts? in an acoustic version on a second stage in the middle of the room.

On 18 January 2013 the single Born To Lie was released. It reached number 1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts). At the top of the EAC (European Alternative Charts) it could hold itself for even six weeks.

In early February work on the bonus CD for the Automation Baby album was completed. Originally there were plans to publish the song Automation Baby as second single. After deciding against it the mixes were also put on this bonus CD.

As of 15 March 2013, Automation Baby hit the shelves of the stores as standard CD as well as limited edition incl. the bonus CD. The album reached number 33 of the Media Control Charts and became the most successful mesh album to date. In the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts) Automation Baby reached number 1.

The Automation Baby tour brought mesh to Germany, Poland, England, Sweden, Austria and France. In summer Mark and Rich were again appearing on the main stage of M'Era Luna Festival. For the second part of the Automation Baby tour the band travelled to Spain and Russia.

In October Walk Of Shame was written as a B-Side for the second single Adjust Your Set. The second single of the top 40 album saw the light of day on 8 November and was number one of the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) for several weeks. Following this release mesh returned to Germany again for a few concerts.

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