2010 - 2011: How Long? Legends of Synth Pop present An Alternative Solution

At the turn of the year, the official fan club website launched the Spanish section as its third language.

The vinyl single from the limited box set of A Perfect Solution resulted in a large numbers of complaints, as many fans had no record player. As a result, Hold And Restrain was also released as a downloadable single on 15 January 2010.

In February 2010, the second part of the A Perfect Solution tour brought the band to Spain and Russia.

With How Long? the second single from A Perfect Solution was released. Besides containing the usual remixes of the title track mesh specifically recorded an alternative version of Hold And Restrain and also wrote a completely new song as B-side, Save Everyone. How Long? made it to the top of the German Alternative Charts.

In August Mark was asked by Legacy Of Music if he would sing one of their songs. Mark liked the music, but wrote new lyrics which were based on the original theme of the song and recorded the vocals in his studio. The result was the track called Tragedy and was published on the CD [co]operation of Legacy Of Music, on 20 October.

For live shows mesh were part of the Amphi Festival in Gelsenkirchen in July 2010, at the Elektrostat Festival in Oslo in October and as headliner at the Pluswelt Festival in Berlin and Krefeld.

In October 2010, Rich worked on a new remix of From This Height based on the popular live version from the We Collide Tour, for a new EP. Mark got a CD of Vic Anselmo from a fan at the Amphi Festival. He was so impressed by her voice that mesh asked whether she was interested in a duet. You'll Never Understand was written. The recording process was similar to that of Who Says?, completely via the internet. Where Is The Sun? completed the track-listing of the From This Height EP.

On 31 March 2011, a three and a half week tour in the U.S. and Canada started. The North American fans had been waiting for a long time, but now they were offered a line-up with mesh, Iris and De/Vision that was second to none. The tour was titled Legends of Synth Pop and the bands alternated the running order. As far as merchandise, mesh not only had new T-shirts with them, but also a limited USB-stick incl. the From This Height EP, demo versions of older tracks and ringtones.

On 20 May 2011, the remix album An Alternative Solution was released including the songs of A Perfect Solution in new interpretations. It was Rich's idea. mesh asked artist friends who could pick and choose which song they wanted to remix. Gradually, the choice was of course, narrowed because the aim was to have for one remix for each song on the album.

In summer, mesh performed at the DV8 Festival in York, England, as headliner, gave a concert in Frankfurt and played at the M'Era Luna Festival.

After that things calmed down for the band because in October the songwriting for the new album started with This Is The Time.

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