2009: A Perfect Solution

Right at the beginning of the year, Mark and Rich went on a search for a new record company. With the help of their manager Hayo Lewerentz who they met on the elektrisch! Festival tour they got in touch with Stefan Herwig, the label boss of Dependent. After several meetings mesh decided to sign with Dependent. The contract provided that new CDs in Europe will be released by Dependent, in North America by the cooperation partner Metropolis.

In the first half of the year, mesh wrote and produced more songs for the upcoming album. For the first time, they decided to cooperate with a guest singer. In May 2009, Rich asked Julia Beyer (Technoir, Chandeen) to perform a duet for the song Who Says?. Julia, who is a big mesh fan herself, accepted immediately. She recorded her vocals in the studio of Krischan Wesenberg (Rotersand). Hopes.Dreams was the last song written for the album. In June 2009, the songwriting and pre-production for A Perfect Solution was completed.

Parallel to the studio work mesh played until summer at several festivals in Holland, England, Poland and Germany, including in Krefeld as headliner at the Pluswelt Festival, in London as double headliner along with Covenant and in Gelsenkirchen at the Blackfield Festival. In addition, they had a second new song to play with If We Stay Here.

Stefan Herwig suggested getting involved with Olaf Wollschläger (Melotron, In Strict Confidence) for the mixing of the new album. After he had already mixed a radio version of Only Better in which the band liked the result, the suggestion was accepted. In August, Rich flew to Germany for one week to mix the album with Olaf Wollschläger at his studio in Kerpen.

On 4 September 2009, the single Only Better was released in Germany. The maxi CD not only included the remixes of the title track but also a remix of Everything I Made and the B-side Shattered Glass which is unusually harsh. This time Mark and Rich hadn't explicitly written a song as a B-side, but they chose one of the songs already written for the album. Only Better reached number 84 of the Media Control Charts.

A Perfect Solution was available in Germany on 23 October 2009. In addition to the regular CD, the album was also released in a box limited to 4,000 copies including a 48-page book, a poster and a 7" vinyl single. The latter contained the exclusive song Hold And Restrain. A Perfect Solution debuted at number 89 on the Media Control Charts.

On 12 November the three-week A Perfect Solution tour began with concerts in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and England. Support bands were Informatik from San Francisco and Janosch Moldau from Neu-Ulm. For the tour, Mark had developed a new video system. Instead of on a big screen behind the stage, the tour videos were shown split on four 50"-plasma-displays which were placed beside and behind the stage.
As a special extra, a photo of each concertgoer was taken at the entrance. While the support bands were on stage, Mark added these photos to the tour projection of Friends Like These backstage. So in the final song of all concerts, everyone of the audience was seen virtually on stage.

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