2006: We Collide

Almost exactly three years after the last album, the new single Crash was finally released on 24 February 2006. mesh left the decision as to which song should be the first single to their record company. The video for the single was shot in December 2005 by Mark Feuerstake in Dusseldorf. The band had already worked with him with the video of Not Prepared. It was filmed in Brighton UK at that time. The clip received plays at various channels and a SAT.1 music special.

Besides Soul the single contained a second B-side with Into This World. Originally Into This World was planned as an album track, but as the song was not as good as the band desired, they decided to use it as an additional B-side. Crash made it to number 88 in the Media Control Charts, almost without any radio plays and TV appearances.

On 15 March, the official mesh fan club went online. Initially, the website was planned only in German, but a few days after the launch, inquiries reached them from fans around the world, so it started to offer the content in English.

The long-awaited album We Collide was in the German stores on 31 March 2006. Because of the new distribution (SPV) the album also appeared in other European countries, including Scandinavia (Memento Materia) and even with an exclusive bonus track in Greece (Undo Records). The last mesh album contained short instrumental pieces between some songs. This time, Mark, Rich and Neil deliberately decided against this "trademark" and produced a rather more conventional album. The complete artwork was once more done by Neil. We Collide debuted at number 90 of the German Media Control Charts.

The kickstart of the We Collide tour was in Leipzig on 21 April. The night before, the band had rehearsed the complete set again at the venue Werk II. The most striking innovation was the use of a live drummer. Gary Howe supported the band by playing the drums in addition to the programmed drums, which made the sound even cooler. Rich also left his place behind the keyboard for a couple of songs and played the guitar.
The We Collide tour went through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Some performances as headliners at the Elfin Dance Festival in Athens and the WGT in Leipzig followed. After a few gigs at home in England, they played once more on the Arvika Festival in Sweden and made it onto the main stage of M'Era Luna for the very first time.

Rarely there has been a CD that could produce so many potential singles like We Collide. Therefore, the record company decided to lift two songs for the next single. So on 4 August a double-A-single followed with My Hands Are Tied / Petrified. However, they didn't want to do without a b-side. Mark had recorded a cover version of Assemblage 23 song Document some time ago. For the new single, the original version was again revised and adapted to the sound of We Collide. My Hands Are Tied / Petrified got air play at the Delta Radio, HR3, PSR and Radio Saek amongst others. At Radio Schleswig-Holstein (RSH) the single even managed to get into power rotation. It reached number 95 in the Media Control Charts and climbed up to number 2 in the German Alternative Charts (DAC).

Then in September a big shock for all mesh fans followed: Neil Taylor announced he was leaving the band after fifteen years! The performance at the M'Era Luna should have been his last, and he wanted once again to spend more time with his family. But Rich and Mark were also shocked, as they had already written the first demo tracks for a new album and confirmed another small tour for the coming winter.

With Geoff Pinckney (The Nine / Alien6) mesh finally found a new live keyboard player. After two shows in Russia, on the Synthetic Snow Festival in Moscow amongst others, they returned to Germany in December for five more concerts.

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