2004 - 2005: Step By Step

Despite all the successes, Mark, Rich and Neil also had to admit that the band wasn't sufficient in order to earn enough money for living. So they decided to return to the old jobs, at least part time.

The result, amongst others, was that the songwriting process for the new album slowed down. Nevertheless, in summer 2004 they could present their fans another new song with Open Up The Ground.

After the last song Rest In Pieces was written for the new album and the pre-production in the band's own Urban Studios was finished, they decided, this time, to work together with a producer. The distinctive mesh sound should be kept fresh and interesting by an external influence. The choice fell on Gerret Ferichs, as they liked his work for Camouflage. However, mesh were dissatisfied with the results. Also, in a time when it wasn't so easy to send music via the internet back and forth, the distance was a problem.

The name Gareth Jones was already mentioned by the record company when producing the last album. Now mesh inquired about the producer and they liked that he had also worked with non-electronic bands like Embrace or Futureheads. So they agreed. Gareth Jones came to Bristol to mix parts of the album with them again. A little later, Mark traveled to London to re-record a few vocal records in the studio of Gareth Jones.

Meanwhile, the record company had started to re-organize in order to supply various genres of music. This led to a new record company amongst others, called Königskinder Schallplatten GmbH, the new home for mesh. The search for a new distributor delayed the release of the new album.

At this time, mesh were only seen at a couple of festivals, at the Secret Garden Festival in Hannover in June 2004 and at the M'Era Luna in August 2005 amongst others, as well as headliners in the sold-out Kulturfabrik Krefeld as part of the Pluswelt Festival in October 2004, at the Rabarock Open Air in Estland in June 2005 and the Nocturnal Culture Night in the Kulturpark Deutzen in July 2005.

In November 2005, the band granted the request for the foundation of an official fan club.

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