2000 - 2001: Change of the label

Because of the great demand by the fans for songs previously unreleased, mesh decided to remix these older tracks and released them in April 2000 on the album entitled Original 91-93.

At the same time, the Live Singles EP appeared at the record shops due to the great demand by the fans for live recordings. It reached number one in the German Alternative Charts in June 2000 and stayed in the Top 10 for several weeks. The expectations of the band and fans were therefore more than adequately met.

In May 2000, the concert that was recorded at the Markthalle in Hamburg in September 1999 was released as video and CD in a collector’s box. In addition to these live recordings, two video clips, Trust You and Not Prepared (along with Making Of) were also included on the video. As of October 2000 the concert recording was also only available on CD.

In spring/summer 2000, mesh were guests at a couple of festivals. In Goeteborg (SAMA-Festival), Great Britain (Whitby-Festival) and in Arvika (Avika-Festival), Mark, Rich and Neil played in front of thousands of fans.

In autumn, mesh changed their management and signed to Orbit Records. Thanks to this contract at a major label, they could give up their jobs and concentrate on their music wholeheartedly. In collaboration with Mark’Oh, they released the single Waves, a cover version of Blancmanges hit from the 80s, shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, this experiment wasn’t very commercially successful, although they entered the charts (83) for the very first time and a video was produced again.

After that things quieted down for the band because they were already working at full steam on new material for the next album.

The first US concerts in Chicago, New York and Orlando as well as performances in Hamburg, Krefeld, London and Zurich were official highlights for the band in the year 2001. mesh spent endless hours in the studio (Urban Studios, Channel House in Bristol) until the new album Who Watches Over Me? was finally completed at the end of September. In October, they spent three weeks in Hamburg to re-record and remix the new album in collaboration with the producer Peter "BlackPete" Schmidt (Depeche Mode) at the Home-Studios. Subsequently, they spent three more days at the Galaxy Studios in Belgium for the mastering of the new album by Ronald Prent (Rammstein).

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