1996 - 1998: In This Place Forever

In This Place Forever, the first full-length album, was eventually released in June 1996 by Synthetic Product Records, 17 months after they had started working on it. The waiting was worth while, however: what follows is an excerpt of a CD review by Eclipse: "They have got great melodies, sing along choruses and a very distinctive singer with recognition value. The three Britons own what many other lack: originality and their own style."

meshís first single being released was You Didnít Want Me from In This Place Forever, a club-hit that still fills the dance floors in discotheques.

mesh embarked on a number of concerts throughout Europe. Their first German concert was in the Vier Linden in Hildesheim on 10th January 1997. After this, mesh returned to Germany for two tours. The first one was with Beborn Beton in October 1997 as part of the Electrofusion-tour. Among the enthusiastic audience were the members of De/Vision amongst others. Without hesitation, mesh were hired as support for a tour in May 1998.

At the same time, in April 1998, the Best Of-album Fragmente and the second single Trust You, which became another club-hit, were released. The beat of this song, a catchy melody and the charismatic voice of Mark Hockings, became the trademark of the band. For all those who hadnít known mesh before, Fragmente offered a compilation of the highlights showcasing the varied musical production of Neil Taylor, Richard Silverthorn and Mark Hockings. The band presented their "pop side" without exception. It not only contained massive up-tempo pieces, but also slower tracks like e.g. So Important or electronic/melodic songs featuring complex rhythm changes like Someone To Believe In.

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