1994 - 1996: From Tolerance Records to Memento Materia

Tolerance Records was founded and the band began to write new songs and to record the sound for their first Mini-CD. To start their own record label involved more work than they had imagined. Neil started to design the complete artwork and merchandising material for the band and label. With persistence and insistence, they eventually finished their project. In August 1994, their first CD Fragile was released. A number of live performances followed, starting in the Bristol Watershed. This venue was considerably larger than the Mauretania which the band had outgrown (many disappointed fans only could view the shows from outside the club). The successful concerts were another confirmation that their music was appreciated by the audience. Further performances in London followed. The CD Fragile was distributed by mesh, family members and other volunteers in Bristol, London and Reading directly to the record shops. They reached their highest turnover, however, through mail-order or by sales at concerts. The album sold so well that mesh almost started to produce a new album on the spot. In the meantime, the demand was so considerable that in November 1994 they founded the Mesh Information Service that supplied the fans with newsletters, information and merchandising from that point of time.

It was obvious for mesh that there was a market for them in Great Britain and an even bigger one in the rest of Europe. The band was finally appearing in a lot of European scene magazines. To tour on the continent was another chance to increase their popularity. Therefore, they now sent demo tapes of their CD Fragile to concert promoters and labels in Europe. One of those demo tapes ended up in the hands of Memento Materia, a Swedish label specializing in electronic music. The label was quite impressed by the demo and asked them without further ado to send the complete album. The upshot of all this was a signed record contract at Memento Materia in autumn 1995 when the second album was almost completed. Fragile was, at that time, almost sold out at Tolerance Records. Therefore, Memento Materia re-issued it including a booklet of eight pages with the complete lyrics which was not included in the original version of Tolerance Records.

mesh also contributed to some compilations, e.g. Monument (Hurt), Electromagnetic (Last Breath Of You, I Don't Expect To Be Right), Electronic Fields (I Don't Think They Know), Strangelove, Strangelove 2, Zillo Club Hits, etc.

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